May 9 to 11: Not All Days Are Bad - Justica Anima

May 9 to 11: Not All Days Are Bad

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May 9 to 11: Not All Days Are Bad

Life is simple. Humans make it complicated. -Anonymous

The times are uncertain, the days are tough but as humans, we are tougher. Tough times make strong men. May 9 in Ghana reminds us of the disaster. The stadium. The tear gas. The fallen heroes. The heartbreak. Although the day did not start out morbid, but as fate may have it, the day ended on a sad note. I guess humans are not always in control after all. We cannot always predict how the day should start or even how it ends. Today, we are still alive to recount some of these events from the past. And yes, it is important to take stock of lives once in a while. Just like the Covid-19 scare, life throws us punches on various sides and we decide what to do with those punches.

May 9

May 9th of the year 2001 will be one of the unforgettable days in Ghana’s history. Yet, in the subsequent May 9 days, dreams have been born, hearts have been reunited, and things have turned around for good for some other people. I was supposed to make a post on the aforementioned date. Since I couldn’t, here I am doing it on May 11. I guess a lot happens in a day or two. Mine has been having to deal with writers block. Write anything; that is exactly what I have as a reminder on my white marker board. And yet, I get stuck sometimes. Don’t we all?


So today, as a reminder and perhaps a sign to anyone reading, go and finish your goals. Go write. Go hiking. Start exercising. Start a podcast or a blog. Believe in love again. Travel the world. Explore new activities. Meet new people. Make use of each day. We are here for a while and then we are gone. I guess that’s why I do the things I do. I keep moving. And that’s all that matters sometimes. Be captivated by the unknown. Dare to do the unthinkable. Be your own cheerleader. Cheer yourself on as you make huge strides in life. In short, just be fearless in the pursuit of your dreams.


Not a single hour, day, week, month, or even a year is guaranteed. What is your assurance that you are going to be alive in the next couple of days, weeks, months, or years ahead? There is no guarantee at all. For this reason, taking chances that scare you may be your only chance at life. Nobody among the victims of May 9 knew they were going to be dead in the next second. But it happened and here we are, still alive and going about our lives like nothing never happened on the said day. Those days cannot be taken back, but we can do great things to make life go on beautifully.


I’m not a prophet, neither do I ascribe to be one of doom. What I aspire to always be is to be an encourager; somebody who will inspire and motivate others to be their possible best. Yes, becoming the best version of yourself will definitely help you to attract the positive things in life. The law of attraction makes us believe that we are what we often think about. And for me, I dare say thinking positively will only attract beautiful things to you. So what is the prophecy? Well, all I know is that if you can continue to stay positive, life is going to be a tea party for you.

For life to flourish, all there is to know and think about is that in this overcomplicated world, sometimes less is more. So before you put yourself in any fix, take some time to think if it is worth it. Today, take time to chill out. Have a drink with a friend. Do yourself a favor and unwind. Do your best and leave the rest to the universe. All the best!

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