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LOVE STORY: Out Of The World Romance

Nakie and Kwaku had been together since High School. Theirs was an inseparable tie which caused controversy all over campus. Anywhere there was Nakie, Kwaku was there and anywhere there was Kwaku, Nakie was visible. Infact, the two had grown so fond of eachother that they were almost looking like identical twins. Nakie would come and wait for Kwaku in front of his class during every break period, and the two will walk to the canteen together. She never allowed any girl to stare at her boyfriend without giving them a stern look as if to warn, “Don’t even try to come near my man”.
Lying in bed, Kwaku began reminiscing, it all began from somewhere. He loved Nakie so much that he never stopped to think of what might happen when faced with the void of her. They were always together and she… She did all that will please a man.  She cooked well, cleaned perfectly, pampered him, and was great at romance too; what more could a man ask for? Their University days were so full of undying memories. She would skip classes to be with him. They could travel for days to some of the most serene locations in town, just to have time of their own. No one came between them, not even a fly. It was as if Nakie was the only woman on earth that Kwaku could think about. They even shared some of the most craziest memories like making out in a car pack, and french kissing in the middle of the road(ofcourse not a busy road).
It all started when Nakie introduced her cousin, Lola, to him. The two shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. Lola was a fine looking dark-skinned lady with pink lips to die for. She had long, silky black hair and a nice slender body to match her features. She was not strikingly beautiful yet had a thing about her that won her many male suitors… her backside. She was additionally a good communicator with white teeth to compliment her frequent smiles. Nakie decided to leave the two to have a chat together while she rushed to the market to pick up a few stuff for lunch.
Noticing the absence of Nakie, Lola would stand up to go and check outside to see if there was a sign of anyone approaching the house. All this while, she would walk in a seductive manner, shaking her backside in order to get Kwaku’s attention. On her last round of checking, Lola came to meet Kwaku’s absence. She called and called but he was gone. She sat down to watch television, biting at her fingers for losing her prey. In her mind, she figured how good Kwaku would be in bed with the kind of body he had. The doors finally opened, and there was the couple coming through it. Lola asked stunned, “Where have you been Kwaku? How could you leave me alone to myself?”. Nakie laughed a long laugh and responded, “He has been with his wife my dear, do you have a problem with that?”.
Weeks later, Nakie was at the salon when her phone rang. It was Lola. She wanted to come visit her cousin. “Kwaku is in the house so you can come, my hair should be done in an hour”, Nakie told Lola. The line went dead. At the other end, Lola quickly found something revealing to wear and rushed to Nakie’s. The door bell rang. Kwaku hurriedly went to fetch the door, thinking it was his lover. As soon as he opened the door, he hugged and kissed the woman, as a gesture of surprise, only to surprise himself. It was Lola instead. He was so ashamed and tried to apologize. Lola held his lips and asked him not to. In a flash, she pushed him unto the sofa closest to the door and started kissing and caressing him. Kwaku reached for his phone amidst the smooching and and typed: GET HERE SOON. Before he could say a word, Lola unzipped his trousers and got on top of him. He did not resist for she looked yummy without her top on. Soon, they were devouring eachother and gasping for breath.
The door flanged open. Everything came to a standstill. There stood Nakie at the door with anger written all over her face. She screamed, “Lola get out of my house and never show your face again! And for your information, I am two months pregnant and we are getting married next month”. Lola picked her top and run out of the house to escape the wrath of her angry cousin.
Nakie beckoned Kwaku in a seductive manner, “Come here bad boy, let’s finish what you just started”.
Justica Anima

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  1. Haha,nice piece and a great ending

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