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#LifeLessons: Some Tough Days Ago… 

Tough times they say, make you stronger and better. The more difficult life is for you, the greater your chances of success. “If you want to go higher, you must first start the climb from the bottom.” These are a few words we hear people say which make us want to punch them in the face. Often times, we push such words aside in disbelief, and rather move towards the sweeter places in life, with the hope that we will never face the storms.

In my few of years of existence in life, I have come to acknowledge that life is a battlefield and only the strongest survive. There are three keys to self mastery and success recovery that I will love my readers to know today. They will guide you into achieving greatness amidst all the tough times you go through.


You cannot exhibit courage if you haven’t faced fears in life. I believe everyone has their own challenges which sometimes scare them. Your courage in the face of these challenges is what puts you on the pedestal to life’s success. So anytime you see fear smiling at you in the face, smile back at it with courage and boldness knowing that you can conquer it all.


What do you do when you are working out and you grow tired? Do you stop or you continue? There’s no shortcut to winning in life. There is triumph in persistence and continuous growth in the daily painful strides that we make in life. One of my favorite quotes goes like, “The heights reached by great men were not attained by sudden flight. But they while their companions slept were toiling up into the night”. Daily improvements is all that matters and sums up to become a big win.


Staying positive is the key to becoming better at anything. Once you have a winning mentality, you can become great at whatever you do. Just get up on your feet, put in some more work, believe in yourself, and go for anything you want in life. Once you see yourself hanging in the dark hours of the moment, it is by staying optimistic that will guarantee you victory.

I hope that you are able to practice these few tips to help you to keep winning and overcoming tough times. What are your tough days and how have you survived them? Share with me in comment box below.

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