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Ladies, Here are 5 Items to Stop Buying In 2022

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January 3, 2022
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January 7, 2022
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Ladies, Here are 5 Items to Stop Buying In 2022

Hey ladies, there are items we all buy and feel guilty about later on. Don’t we all have items we really do not need and yet spend tons of money buying? Well today I’m going to discuss five major items ladies buy on impulse and yet do not have use of them in the long term. This habit later affects our savings and finance and can sometimes be a total waste of money. So let’s delve straight into it:

Face masks

Face masks are some of those items that ladies like to buy to keep a clear facial skin. Not to say they are not good to use but girl, face masks can be time wasting and tell you what, most people do not use again these days. Won’t you rather do a facial scrub or something else instead that you can just wash off? Truth is most of these face masks end up sitting somewhere in the drawers and rotting. You might just ditch this item for good and avoid wasting money on them this year.

Nail polish

We are all guilty for having lots of nail polish sitting on our dressers and not being put to use. Ladies, this is not another year to waste resources on variety of nail polish that you know you will not be using. We all know how we buy them in colors and they end up stuck on the shelves drying up. So this year no more buying of additional nail polish when the ones on the shelves are not yet used up.

Covergirl Magazines

This is one item that most girls love to have and to keep for the fashion look book. However, in this digital age, who needs a magazine anyways? It has become a bit outdated if you ask me, and keeping them only compiles the unwanted items in your room. Kindly ditch any ideas or thoughts of getting a covergirl magazine this year unless you have dire need of it.

Unwanted Accessories

Those accessories we keep and do not always use are becoming old and rusty and we may end up trashing them out. Who wants to keep unwanted pieces of earrings, bangles, anklets, necklaces and head gears? This new year, be sure to get rid of any unwanted accessories and make sure to buy just enough for your wardrobe. You will thank me later for this advice.

Extra Handbags

Girl, those extra handbags need to go and you know it. Worst off, they are going to catch mold and you do not want to be cleaning them for most of your time. As a minimalist, I would advice that you have just enough quality bags for the few occasions that you will be attending in this pandemic era. No need to stock your room with a lot of handbags when there are only a few events to attend anyway.

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