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Kafui Dey: The Excellence Factor Every Young Person Must Learn

Kafui Dey has become a household name in Ghana, as his passion for communication excellence in the media landscape, cannot be overlooked. His extraordinary delivery on his TV shows, with ‘Who wants to be rich’ being the most popular amongst them, gave him a lot of opportunities in his career. His exemplary and yet humble lifestyle is always something to learn from. I caught up with him over an interview and deduced these worth-sharing lessons for my cherished readers.

Little Steps To The Top

Kafui grew up learning series of disciplines such as spelling and finding out new words each day. He had firm and strict parents who would put him right whenever he did things the wrong way. This helped build his moral conduct right from childhood. In secondary school, he realized his potential for public speaking. Joining Voice of Legon, now Radio Universe, helped polish up his talent into a skill that he now gets paid for.

Role Models and Mentors

The Radio/TV personality that we adore so much had his father as his first and long-time mentor. He had other role models such as Dr Fox, a DJ. He will listen to CDs from Dr Fox which shaped his listening capabilities. This later turned him into a good interviewer due to his attentiveness, ability to ask great questions and his ability to ask follow up questions.

Work-life balance

Asked how he is able to manage his work and personal life, Kafui said he uses his weekends and holidays judiciously. In his own words, he advised that, ” Life can be stressful and so you must manage stress as you go. When you’re tired, you need to rest”. He also mentioned that he apportions time to be spent with his family. For instance, he does his assignments together with his children which are mostly fun moments for them all.

What inspired the book ‘How to MC Any Event’?

Most of his articles and social media posts were about events and how they are hosted . All those posts, edited and put together, fit for a good read and thus the birth of a great book, ‘How To MC Any Event’. People have given feedback on how helpful the book has been to them and that in itself is fulfilling to him. The idea that the book will inspire an upcoming MC was something worth implementing.

Favorite lessons as an entrepreneur

As he left GH-One Television, the on-air mogul started his own business venture which he said is doing very well. His advice to young entrepreneurs is that do not compete against anyone but yourself. Do not take rejections personal but always endeavor to improve. He also admonished entrepreneurs to constantly market what they do and to keep their brand always revived.

Final Encouraging Words

Kafui Dey had a lot to leave for his followers and to all young people. He asks every youth to keep working hard. According to him, everything you do now will eventually add up someday. Remember that people will call to ask for your services based on your current works. He finally ended by saying, “Excellence is attainable but requires a lot of effort”.

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