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A story is told of a butterfly which lived in the most beautiful of gardens in that time. When it was born, it never had wings, and never could fly. Day in and out, its friends flew past it showing the most empathy they could. Some rather whispered mocking words at it.

Each day, this insect was stuck on the tree perching on the leaves and seeing all the attractiveness around it. It mostly cried about its inability to fly around to enjoy the beautiful things around it.

One day, as it awoke from bed, it knew that was the time. Butterfly felt something stuck around its body. This new feeling made it difficult for it to move around. Whatever it was was so stuck to it that it rather wished it had not grown after all. And yet day by day, it waited patiently to see how this new development would turn out.

A few months past, everyone was amazed at the new butterfly. It had grown beautiful wings and was ready to grace many occasions which took place in the garden. Soon, it was elected as king of the garden because of it’s beauty, intelligence and confidence, besides other wonderful qualities it possessed.

Just like the butterfly story, many are subjected to numerous setbacks and frustrations in life. I am one of them. We all, at one point in life, feel caged by circumstances beyond our control. We are stuck to believing that we are of no use or importance to humanity.

We sometimes feel intimidated by the mere success of our fellow persons. What we mostly forget is that no one person ended up the way they are today. Everyone has their own story to tell. The earlier we appreciated who we are, the better person we will become.

A wise man once said that before you go knocking on the door of responsibility, peep through the windows. This is to say that you may not be ready for the mantle you so much yearn to carry. In all the stages life, there is a lesson to pick up. Today may or may not be good. But there is hope in tomorrow.

Some people do not wait till their wings are fully strong for them to fly at ease. Some rush into numerous lifestyles that they later on regret. Some who regret never come out and choose the alternative of ending it all. The wise ones are those who allow time to heal them. The wise ones learn to build strong morals and skills for their personal development.

Whenever there is situation beyond your control, I always recommend that you take a deep breath, drink some water and think of the good times in your life. The walk to success is mostly long and stressful. But the rewards thereof is worth fighting for.

You can not live in someone else’s dream, you must find and tap your potential where you are, with whatever tools you have. Never give up. The Law of Process says, Whatever great things we want to achieve in our lives is built daily, and not in a day. Learn to grow by the passing of each day.

Signed :@switsixta_stica

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