GIJ EMINENCE AWARDS: Blogger Of The Year ‘18 - Justica Anima

GIJ EMINENCE AWARDS: Blogger Of The Year ‘18

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The much talked about 3rd edition of GIJ Eminence Awards was held on November 9th 2018, at the Accra Digital Center around Circle where hundreds of students met to cheer their favorite nominees and awardees on.

I had attended the African Youth SDGs Summit earlier in the day and had to rush back home to prepare for the big event. It was mixed feelings and a different kind of anxiety for me that day.

I kept wondering in my head how I was going to faint or collapse if my name was called as winner of the event. I formed a whole drama series in my head, thinking about how I would react to the news of my win or loss. I still felt optimistic about the whole awards night.

That I had to compete with seven other writers and bloggers for this spot meant a lot to me. That category had the most nominees on the awards scheme for that year. And yes, it was a big deal for all the students. Here’s a list of student bloggers who were nominated that year.

Blogger of the year

  • Nambe Patrick
  • Michael Elorm Zah
  • Richmond Nyarko (DiamondGH Promo)
  • Justica Anima -WINNER
  • Amoako-Atta Joseph
  • Aba Radical
  • Ivy Agbozo

In all, I thank my readers, followers, and voters for their confidence and love for my craft. I started blogging in 2012, and it has been a roller coaster. In all the lessons and contacts made have been my major highlight. With much support, we will get to the top by continually making great strides.

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