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How To Keep Writing In The Midst Of Distractions

Recent reports in an article by Forbes.com proves the following. The average millennial sends and receives over 100 text messages per day. The majority of Facebook users visit the site multiple times per day. The average person spends two hours per day on social media sites, equal to five years and four months in a lifetime. Amidst all these distractions, how do you keep the fire burning as a writer? Here are a few tips (millennial) writers can go by.

Be Adventurous

Adventure means different things to different people. It is that which gives you something to think about. For me, travel is my adventure. You are able to explore new things when you travel to new places. This gives you some ideas and as a writer, and ideas are tools. You can work on the ideas that you get as a result of your adventure which can turn into a beautiful article. Although adventure may sometimes be a distraction in itself, it creates a mental picture for you to revisit when you are ready to write.

Stay Curious

Curious people always find answers. These answers form ideas for writing. Instead of playing on the phone for longer hours, use that time to research on topical issues that you can learn and write about. Don’t waste so much time on social media when you can create time to develop yourself online. Staying curious can also mean learning to write effectively. You decide.

Keep a Journal

Always make notes of ideas that just pop up in your mind. That is why you need a notepad or journal to do that at anytime anywhere. Luckily most digital devices have note apps which can come in handy. Keep your writing ideas in a safe place so that you can develop them when the time is right. Don’t let the distractions prevent you from jotting things down. You are a writer not just a spectator.

Spark Creative Juices

Do what makes you happy and excited. These things have a way of rejuvenating the mind and bringing back our creativity. It seems like magic. When you get a massage, paint a drawing, read a book, go cycling or swimming; your brain gets stimulated. You become calm, which is what writers need to inspire their works. Find those activities that make you dream of bursting out your creativity. Engage in those activities when you have writers block with your devices turned off or hidden away. No more distractions and you are good to go as a writer.

I hope these tips are helpful to you as a writer or a beginner. Send in your comments on how you keep writing amidst distractions. Your questions are also welcome in the comments box.

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