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How To Increase Happiness In Your Life

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How To Increase Happiness In Your Life

Happiness is a choice. Unfortunately, not many people travel the path of happiness because they overburden themselves with so many irrelevant things in life. Choosing happiness means choosing a life of less pain and suffering. Although it may sound impossible, happiness is achievable. Here are a few tips to improving your life towards happy days.

Finish a task

Once you set daily goals and finish the tasks you set for yourself, you get enough time for rest and this shows in your entire demeanor. Life becomes simple and less burdened that way.

Practice gratitude

What are you mostly thankful for? Finding moments to show gratitude for life and the people around you is key to an improved and happy life. When we focus on gratitude, the tide of pain and disappointment goes out of our lives.

Self care

This point cannot be overemphasized enough. Self care is not selfish. Finding time to take care of your self not only improves your overall well being, it also releases the happiness hormones into your system. Make sure after all the hard work you pamper yourself with the little luxuries of life.

Celebrate small wins

Learn to celebrate your little achievements. According to the Executive Leaders online magazine, by celebrating our success, we reinforce the motivation that will carry us through the next achievement. Take yourself on a date, buy a new dress or a new car. Celebrate your efforts. 

Eat more nuts, fruits, legumes

Ever heard the saying, ‘You are what you eat’? Well, eating more fruits and nuts literally boosts the happy hormones in you. Now, tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are.

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