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How I Learnt To Deal With A Two-Faced Person The Hard Way (Part 1)

Life has a lot of lessons to learn. That is, if only you are ready to learn as it dishes out different portions of meals for your tasting. Every person you meet in life has a different story to share with you. Not everyone’s story is true.
Well, quite a number of them, maybe.
Another rule(conjured by me), not all that smiles is teeth. Dealing with people is one hell of a joke, or rather a delicate issue, to think of. Yh! I bet you agree with this, at least. People can really make you happy the next minute and sad the other. People can cross the road with you. Next minute, they are leaving you to cross alone. We all have our own story to share on this right? Ok, let me share two or three of mine.
First of it was a boyfriend I once had. Well, we were just hitting things to see how it goes. Haha! Trust girls on that. Some guys think they are the only ones good at hitting. Eiiii! Back to main issue: not ready to start another debate. So this guy trusted me. As for me, I trusted him to death. I’ve never trusted like that before. He told me that I was going to be his last and all of that crap* lovers tell each other when their blood are hot for each other. And to some degree, I believed.
Bottom line, he ended up lying to me. He had a fiance which he told me was a sister. He even at one point broke up with this troublesome fiance in my presence, on phone. Not knowing, it was all fake. When I found out by Intuition, he just couldn’t come to bear with fact that I was an emphatic person: someone who feels deeply and senses what goes on around them sharply without being told a thing. He confessed his sins before me and begged that I forgave him, like I was Jesus Christ.Haha! This experience though. (the person might end up reading this). It really shook the feather in me. I could not believe a fellow human could look another in the face and tell such a big fat lie, when in actual sense the person being lied to obviously enjoyed the lie. Oh yeah! I did because I saw signs but then brushed it off.
Charley! two-faced guys are smart dudes oh. The way and manner this fine gentleman cunningly kept me dancing around in his lies and making me feel like the guilty one was CREATIVITY at its best. Don’t joke with a guy who has his mind on his target. Maybe I set myself up for this. Maybe I just wanted a feel of Mr. Player(one guy ladies must look out for).
This is how I dealt quickly with the situation, I turned away and never looked back. Why waste time with people who can cripple your emotions at the slightest chance. Whenever faced with situations of this kind, whether from a man or woman, flee!!! Oh yes, that is what the good book teaches believers like me. Flee from the devil (two-faced person), and he shall depart from you! This is not the kind of person you can stick around with the hope that things will change.
Seriously! OK maybe things might just change for the worst.
Points to note!
* a two-faced person pretends to love/like you.
* a cheater(first class) is a sure two-faced.
* a two-faced can’t help you complete yourself, rather they tear you apart.
to be continued***
How have you too dealt with a two-faced person in your career, relationship, home, neighborhood or society??

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