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Hello Future Leaders, Listen Up

I may not be as old as Methuselah or as wise as the wisest king that ever ruled, but I sure have lived enough to see that some young people need a wake up call. I know for sure that parenthood has failed us to some extent because of how busy most of them are, yet that does not call for the many flawed youth that we see around today. That notwithstanding, most young people are engaging in very industrious activities out there which must be commended. They are basically scratching the surface to make sure that the universe becomes a better place for all of us. However, what happens to the rest of us who are clueless of the future we want to live? If that is you, I hope this article finds you well. You can also spread the word and make sure it gets to as many young people as possible.

Building up the future

Our forefathers set a mark for us which we must try to continue. The legacy must surely live on. Are we prepared as young people to go the extra mile to leave a legacy for our next generation too? I recently read a short article which was circulated in a WhatsApp group that I am part of. The article sought to make a distinction between today’s parents and parents of yesteryears. There was a clear distinction as it described how parents of old trained their children to become responsible adults whereas parents of today over pamper their children and leave them wanting in future. The moral lesson here is that future successes are deliberately built. It is never a nine day wonder. We as young people must strive to make a difference in our generation and generations to come. Have you thought of what you’re going to do to make that possible? Remember that it doesn’t have to be a big change but you can start now in your own little way through volunteering, selling products that people need, or even serving at a local bookstore or supermarket.

• Celebrating a global icon: 5 years on


Few days ago, there was the 10 days challenge which was interesting to behold. Then I thought of another challenge which could cure majority of our youth today from the disease of sharing certain memes that one seem to identify with. Looking out for the real definition of memes, the Urban dictionary described it as something on the internet that is funny or cringy that someone takes and makes into something else. This phenomenon is getting worrisome as many young people are following blindly on some of these memes that are only meant to be funny and make us laugh. Young people are taking the fun aside and living by some of the statements coined from these memes. If only we can be wiser and not live life entirely based on some meme that somebody somewhere made up. Let’s find our own true meaning in life from real experiences either by ourselves or from people we know have chalked some years of experience in various fields.

•Some examples of memes

Stronger ties

Everyone wants what’s easy in our generation and we tend to get things that never lasts. Building experience takes time. Making money takes hardwork, grit and commitment. The same with building relationships. Now, I must say it isn’t easy to make and keep friends especially in these times where dishonesty abounds. However it is important that on our journey, we map out some key people who will be on our top ten networks. These are people who we can turn to for advise, support and who we can share exciting moments with. If I asked you to list five people who will be willing to support you any day apart from family, will you get any? Think on this. That does not go to say that keep unhealthy friendships at all cost. Those can equally drain you mentally and physically. Always try to keep the balance because your network really does matter.

Ruminate on these few words as you set out to do great things on your journey through life. All of us have the chance to become very instrumental in people’s lives through various ways. Find your own strength and make it a worthwhile experience not only for yourself but for society’s greater good. Comment with your own life lessons as a young person so that we all can learn too.

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