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March 15, 2021
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Have You Arrived Yet?

I’ve finally arrived!

Mama I made it!


These are some of the exclamations people make once they have achieved something. Others are easy to seek attention by ranting about not getting the things they want. But life has taught me that its not just about ranting and complaining about the things we want, it takes actually winning at life.

The past week has been revealing to me. It took me crushing and my health deteriorating for me to learn that wanting things badly is what gives you the achievements you need. Winning takes a lot of sacrifice. Ofcourse you know that, but have you practicalised what you know yet?

Many things have happened this year one of which is the GRAMMYs. I have just been observing and listening in on issues surrounding creativity and the importance of artistic skills.

I have had to listen to the music of some of the award winners, and I must confess that Burna Boy’s brand has won my admiration the most. The ‘Twice as Tall’ album is fire. Words can’t even explain the lyrical content and the intentionality towards excellence is admirable. Check out his ‘Dangote’ track for more details on hustling and winning at life.

His music videos speak of a brand which is poised for winning.

Away from that, I see a lot of wannabe’s parading the streets, screaming for attention that they don’t deserve. See, winning at life takes more than just screaming. It takes putting in the work. It takes facing your fears and not hiding away from them.

I would have gone on to share some stories about people who taught they had arrived and later realised they have not even crossed a quarter of their journey. But you see, those people are not worth talking about.

They are mostly the people who play second fiddle. And until you get to the prize and lift off the trophy, ‘You Have Not Yet Arrived’. Well, neither have I so can we just move on to putting in the work?

Maybe when we finally arrive we won’t have to be the ones seeking for the attention, it will find us.

PS; Just a little motivation to provoke all of us to get to work. Dreams must be built and not discussed.

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