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#GYSEC2017: What Social Enterprise and Social Impact Is All About

The Ghana Youth Social Entrepreneurship Competition  is a collaborative programme organized by the Ghana Think Foundation and Digital Opportunity Trust to train and sponsor young social entrepreneurs who want to make a change or impact in their communities and societies at large. Its first day of training which was on Friday,  13 February 2017, saw 20 young budding entrepreneurs emerge at the Impact Hub in Accra, of which I was privileged to be a part of. 

About Digital Opportunity Trust 

It is a leading international social enterprise headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with local operations around the globe. Its aim is to train the youth for social change, recruit University graduates, and target young people who can lead impact in their communities. They had a representative, Aime Noela,  who did an excellent job by taking us through some sessions of the training. You  can check www.dotrust.org for more information about them. 

°Aime Noela in a presentation 

About Ghana Think Foundation 

Ghana Think is an organization that seeks to mobilize and organize talent for the primary benefit of Ghana, of Africa and the whole world. Their aim is bring out patriotic, passionate, positive, proactive, progressive, productive young people who want to cause a change in their society. There’s more about them on www.ghanathink.org

Learning the basics

We started off with the introduction of the the various participants. I got to meet various amazing young  people like myself, who were change driven. It was a good feeling. Breaking out into teams was my favourite part of the whole process because it taught us to think together and agree to disagree on our various excercises. The following keywords came up: Social business or enterprise, Social Entrepreneur, Social Innovator, and Social Impact. 

Social Enterprise 

This is a business venture which is more change or impact driven than profit driven although it makes profits from its operations. It mostly involves a social innovator and a social entrepreneur respectively. The first deals with identifying new ideas and solutions to pressing problems in the society,  while the other deals with implementation of these innovative ideas to create a change and impact in his or her society. Social enterprises are registered businesses. 

Social Impact 

It is quite interesting how people are making a lot of impact in the world through social enterprises. Digital Opportunity Trust, Ghana Think, Farmerline, mPedigree, Clean Team Ghana, are all social enterprises making social impact, by solving societal issues with their innovative ideas. Using modern techniques such as technology, education and advocacy, building a relationship with the people, and strategic partnerships,  are ways to make great social impact. Traditional methods of donations, fundraising, political affiliations to generate funds,  may have negative impact on the people whose communities you are trying to change. These and more are some of the reasons are why I found this whole event the most impactful of all the others that I have been involved with. 

Now, to the question which caused a big stir in the house: Which is the correct statement? 

1. A social innovator is a social entrepreneur. 

2. A social entrepreneur is a social innovator. 

Answer in the comment box below. 

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  1. A believe a social entrepreneur is a social innovator. An innovator may not necessarily be an entrepreneur.

  2. Statement 1 is False while Statement 2 is True; because you do not need to be an entrepreneur to become innovative but to become an entrepreneur you must be innovative.

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