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Gyakie, the Newest Sensation Making Waves

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Gyakie, the Newest Sensation Making Waves

When you hear the name, one thing comes to mind. Music. Yes, your talent will make way and a name for you, and Gyakie is proving that point.

‘Forever’, ‘Sor Mi Mu’,’Never Like This’, ‘Control’, ‘Nana Nyame’, these are a few of her songs. Her seed EP is every-thing. The first time I heard her… Oh! I was touched.

All I’ve got to say for now is that the young woman must be supported to get her talent out to the world. Aren’t we done playing down on talents already? Maybe its about time we invested in someone for once. And Gyakie is my best bet.

Finding a potential and investing in them is something I can not boost of in this country. Maybe its in our numbers, like they make us want to believe. Ghana’s market is not as huge, blah blah.

Artists, creatives, writers, musicians, should all come under one umbrellla and unite for a positive growth. And if Ghana is very serious about creative arts, this is the time to make a name for itself.

Invest in the arts, use Gyakie as the new face, Get her on hype shows and concerts. Let her bring youthful vibes and creativity into the industry. Allow her to show the way and let’s sit back and be amazed at how she’ll soar.

This social media generation has a lot to show for the new world of creativity. We must watch. We must listen. We must learn and move fast if we must catch up with the world.

Na who send me for here sef. Only me get sense? Too much sense won’t kill me.

Gyakie, wherever you are I love your art. You and I must meet soon. Girl, we got a lot of things to discuss cause you are headed for the moon. Get on the phone with Elon Musk already. Ha!

Alright. Ciao. Bye for now.

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