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About Green Arts Culture Project

Who are we? 

Green Arts Culture is a social enterprise that trains young people in arts related to the Ghanaian culture. Thanks to  Ghana Think Foundation in partnership with Digital Opportunity Trust for seed funding. In June 2017, the project was launched to give way for a massive social impact.

Our Aim

The project focuses on reinstalling cultural and moral values among young people through the arts. Also we look  to attract foreigners and the art loving Ghanaians at large. Its model will be relevant in creating a new paradigm shift from foreign elements towards the appreciation of the rich Ghanaian arts and culture especially among the younger generation.

Activities So Far

We have been able to go around telling young people about us. “High-school students who engage in the arts at school are twice as likely to volunteer than those who don’t engage in the arts and are 20 per cent more likely to vote as young adults.”(Arts Council England).

We also donated some clothing, shoes and bags of water to the Osu Children’s Home as part of our ways of gaining traction. There was also an interaction between us some of the orphans which gave us enough information that we need to better articulate our idea.

Damboli Project

29th April marked our first project launch at the Sky High School off the Ashongman estate road. We brought together about 25 young pupils and students and took them through painting, cultural dance and drama. At the end, we saw the excitement and inspiration from the faces of the young ones. Also, they picked up skills in painting, dance and drama.

Participation In Youth Conference 

We are also excited about our engagement in the Digital Opportunity Trust organised conference for young changemakers in Kigali, Rwanda. In May, our Executive Director travelled with other young Ghanaian social entrepreneurs to the “Unconference”, where we gave a presentation on our enterprise. Several participants from other African countries were also present for idea sharing and networking.

Career Guidance and Skills Training 

In July this year, We organised the Career Guidance and Skills Development program at Little Bo Peep School in Kwabenya. 20 Junior High School students went through the three days training program and took back a well of lessons on careers and how to link them with your passion. Several of the students showed interest in the Arts, STEM, and Sports which was great to know. The lessons on time management, presentation skills,  writing skills and painting skills, also gave them room to explore their creative abilities.

UNESCO Entries Training Program

Sky High Schools in Kwabenya contracted the team at Green Arts Culture to teach their pupils drawing for entries into the UNESCO Drawing Program. This was in February 2018.

Shortlisted For McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge

The McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge shortlisted Green Arts Culture among 60 start ups to receive funding for their businesses after the TV show competition. It was a great platform to share and pitch our social enterprise to big sharks like Yoofi Grant and Mr. Daniel McKorley, both great business moguls in Ghana. Although we did not win, the contacts and networks but for further business engagements were worthwhile. See Environment and Sanitation column in image below.

Way Forward

It will really be exciting to have your total support through donations and volunteering to help promote cultural heritage and skills development among young people. All donations, sponsorships, feedback and questions are very much welcome on our fan page on Facebook at “Green Arts Culture“. Let’s  get interactive. Let’s do this together!

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