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I don’t know who this may inspire but I felt the strong urge to share this since I am keen on building others up as I go. I am partially a shy type as most of you know (yeah those who know know), so I basically forgot my speech on the platform on the day of picking up the award as tears flowed down my cheeks, so here it goes.

A big thank you to God for bringing me this far and giving me the gift of writing,

And to my mom and dad for planting me in the womb and keeping up with me these past few years,

And to my big brother for all the support and introducing me to blogging, I love you.

Also, to my avid readers for the love and feedback that makes me revise my notes on a daily basis. God bless you. Many thanks to the organizers of the Eminence Awards, those guys are doing what Osagyefo could not finish.

And then, to the critics who said I should give up writing because it never paid and that no one may ever read, I want to say a big thank you to you all for sparking the fire in me.

Well, technically this wasn’t the main speech but I had to modify it a little bit. Okay, back to my writing journey. I love writing. I mean, half of what I write is outside of what I post out here on my blog. I think it is a born talent and it also kind of runs in the family. But hey, it still needs polishing and so we do that by writing more and learning from the feedback we get from readers and mentors. And if it doesn’t end up stuck in the draft box, it finds its way here or on other media platforms.

I remember growing up, I read a lot of story books and Junior Graphic too… Mom bought me a lot of it on Wednesdays. I tried some short essay competitions by Citi FM, I recall, but to no avail. No wins. I even did some MTN writing contests as well while in High School but with that too, no show. So I think I gave up on competitions a long time ago. I however remember writing for the school magazine and then also writing letters for my friends to post to their friends in other schools. My English teacher in basic school also liked my essays, for some reason, and usually read it to the rest of the class. I also remember that I did a handwritten fiction book with drawings to accompany the story in an exercise book which I shared with my ‘after-you’ friends. These are the friends who always requested to read your book after you are done reading it. In the end, I lost that book to whoever. Please if you are reading this and you have it kindly send it to me. I need to publish that book. That is if it hasn’t already found its way in the hands of a publisher.

Fast forward after High school, my brother introduced me to this thing called blogging and asked me to google some bloggers and see what they did. So I checked and decided that I will also give it a shot. It started as a joke on blogspot. I think people were reading that other blog a lot because it was my free thinking world, you know. After about 4 years into it, I came to the Ghana Institute of Journalism. And then this website got launched. OMG, it was like a dream. But it somewhat killed my creative vibes, I must confess. I had to start blogging serious issues on this medium in a professional way. That was where the challenge began for me. School work and other work loads also set in. Woman got a bit out of content but we kept pushing and giving room for other writers to publish on here. The money for internet too wasn’t a joke but we sailed through somehow. We are still keeping our best foot forward.

Then came last year’s nominations. Seriously, I never believed in award schemes until a friend advised that it may not serve its purpose today but it can be of relevance tomorrow. So I confirmed and accepted every nominations I got, as there were three of them at a go. As a first-timer, I was so scared to death. What was I doing right or wrong? Why am I being nominated and what for? Was my work taken so seriously like that? Will I even win?

Then on the fateful day of the Eminence Awards, all the awards were being mentioned with the exception of Blogger of the Year and Student Personality of the year, which came last respectively. In my head I was saying, “Do you people have to wait that long to humiliate me?”. Then again, somewhere in my deepest of hearts I knew I deserved to win after seven years of building expertise in creating and developing content through guidance from mentors and following other writing courses and instructors. I must say the journey has been worth traveling with all the lessons it came with. No one pays me to do this. Neither do I make profit from it. Passion drives me through. And finally, I heard my name being mentioned as the Winner! And the story continues…

Want to know more? Follow my Facebook or other social media platforms and let’s interact. Also, interact through the comment box below and I will respond. More importantly, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing to read my blog posts. You are my inspiration.

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  1. Benjamin Adjei Adjetey

    Very inspiring, as usual. Keep doing the good work. This is just the beginning.

  2. Thanks Benjie

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