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Ghana @60 Edition: Only The Best Is Good  For Africa

By Ivana Ewurama Abakah

“Only the best is good for Africa. My people of Africa, we were created in the image of God,but men have made us think we are chickens, and we still think we are, but we are eagles. Stretch forth your wings and fly! Don’t be content with food  of chickens.”-Dr. J.E. Kweggir Aggrey

Happy independence day to you fellow compatriot! Wow! Dr. J.E. Kweggir Aggrey couldn’t have put it more aptly!! A man beyond his time indeed! Today it is with these  words that I encourage you, fellow Guardian of the Black Star, Africa’s hope! Above all things let us as a nation strive for excellence! 

The writer, Ivana Ewurama Abakah

Like Dr. Aggrey, let us make excellence not only a mindset but a lifestyle. This calls for a change of mind towards our perspective as a nation, from the  passive victim of oppression, prejudices and stereotypes to fierce agents and victors of our circumstances. A change of heart from resolute  apathy and woeful indifference to impassioned ingenuity and keen national interest. Your reaction  will only change when your perception does. Today even before the drums begin to beat and the castanets begin to sing, right before the regiment march and the routine of the parade starts, I implore you to muse on these:
 How do you percieve your nation?  What new or better way can i look at her? What new thing can I do personally to change the perspective of my  nation better? 

God bless our Homeland Ghana and keep her soaring!! Be PATRIOTIC! 

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