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Friendship Styles To Help You Understand Your Friends Better

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Friendship Styles To Help You Understand Your Friends Better

Friendships are the best although some friends can give you heartbreaks too. Like the popular saying goes, Show me your friend and I will show you your character, you have to be selective about the friends you choose. Today’s article will focus more on friendships and how to select your friends based on the following friendship styles which we derived from one of our favorite online creators, Just Girl Project.


This friend prefers casual friendships and not close or lifelong ones. They usually form friendships with people who are around them such as in their school, workplace or neighbourhood. This style of friendship is usually temporal.


These kind of friends are rare and usually have a few super close friends that they have known for a long time. They don’t make many friends except for later on in their lives. They are the kind of friends who stick and stay because they value closeness.

Selectively Acquisitive

These friends are always trying to make new friends throughout their lifetime. They are picky with the kind of friends they choose and get close to. They are also able to select which friends stay longer in their lives.

Unconditionally Acquisitive

These friends are the ones who have the most friends. They value socialising a lot and they maintain friendships the most. This is because they like to have a big network of friends. They will hardly tell you that they like to be their own best friend because that’s a big lie.


Now that you know the various friendship styles, what will you say is your style? What style of friendship do your friends and family exhibit? Can you tell which style from one friend to the other? It will be great to hear your inputs about the above friendship styles. Send me your feedback in the comment section below.

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