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FORBIDDEN FRUIT- The Truth Behind Our Identity

So I walk towards the gate of the school campus and see the security man smiling as I approached him. Unlike most of my friends, I am endeared to all the minor staff (cleaners, security men, and drivers). I always believe they are somewhat the real role players who deserve the best treatment in life for their hard work.  Though I never bothered to ask his name, I always stopped to ask how he and his family were faring. If I had something for him, I willingly gave out. That day, I brought him apples. He received the gift with gratitude and I hurried off to class.

After school, I came pass the gate and this man stopped me to have a word with me. At first I thought he was trying to woo me. But I offered him a little of my time. The gate keeper pulled out something from his pocket and asked me to have a look. Lo and Behold, I had in my hands pictures of a fine gentleman. Obviously the pictures were taken overseas. “Whose image are in these photos”, I asked anxiously. That was the unkempt old security man in his prime age having his fun times in Paris to be precise.

I could not believe it. He looked well built and very (and I mean very) handsome at the time. He further told me he was poisoned through an apple and almost died. I felt bad for him, because the effects of the poison had him brought back home to Ghana. He even lost his strength and voice in the process but got better after a period of years. He returned my apples after explaining these to me, I understood. He taught me that the events of our life can change. As humans we should always try not to underestimate anyone because we feel we are in a much better place than them. Never look down on anyone. I never stopped giving him gifts though, but this time not apples.



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