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Dear Young Woman, Beauty is Not Enough

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August 9, 2020
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Dear Young Woman, Beauty is Not Enough

The advent of social media and mobile phone photography has made beauty icons out of most young women in our world today. Currently, the average young woman uses social media to flaunt themselves and their looks. This has created further challenges for these young women than it has impacted them.

Although some argue that they make a life out of influencer deals, it mostly is not worth the price, if you ask me. The point is, most of these young ladies are besides themselves with over confidence in their looks rather than merely investing in their mindset for a bright future.


When you see successful models whose profession is in the fashion and beauty industry, they may have had years of training to have been able to model for multinational brands. To think that one can easily use looks to get rich in famous is much more of an illusion than it mostly is a reality.

To make it to the top requires the investment in both education and physical outlook. It is important to build a unique skills and knowledge base before venturing into any idea of personal branding for brand promotions.


Others also believe that their beauty can get them a rich guy to whisk them out of all their financial burden. But no! We all require to be taken serious and if that must happen, we must be able to think on our feet and make tough decisions even without supervision. And that doesn’t require beauty to do that.

The simple message hear is that young women should first learn to master their skill set if they will thrive in the area of showcasing their beauty to the world. Beauty, when properly managed, becomes a gemstone for future success stories.

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