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Do Men Fear to Approach High Maintenance Women?

It recently struck me that most women are falling short of men in their lives.  This observation  is based on a little of my experience and experiences of other women in my life.  Now let’s shift our focus first to who a high maintenance woman is.

She is one that has empowered herself to do more. She is a well groomed person who knows which colors and pieces to combine when it comes to clothing. She likes to look good and guess what? When you’re with her you look good too. She is one who is confident, outspoken, and not easily intimidated. She is knowledgeable and holds a good conversation anytime anywhere. Sometimes, she may own her own company or be doing very well in her field of endeavor. As the name goes, she requires that she well taken care of in order to be maintained. In all, she is fun to be with.

My friends and I mostly talk about relationships among other interesting subject matters. And anytime we hold such conversations they never said anything good about men in general. That aside,  Esi, who is the most high maintenance amongst us revealed that men of our time like women who they can easily manipulate to do their will without questioning. All of us could not agree less. But the question was why is that?

That is not to say there are no men who like this category of women. But the question is how many do? Perhaps our men have a problem with confidence in themselves. Better still, it may be the issue of taking good care of these type of women. Alex my friend confirmed my thoughts when he told me that the way he sees me if I do not hurry and get married,  soon men will not approach me anymore. His reason for saying that was simple, because I know too much and that could scare the men away. Did that mean that men wanted stupid women?

That conversation left me thinking. Here I was, thinking that our men rather loved to be around women who could bring ideas on board. A week after conversing with Alex,  another guy came up with the same talk when my cousin jokingly called him her new boyfriend. You should have seen how he screamed. He mentioned that he cannot handle her as a girlfriend because he may not be able to make her happy. Asked why he said that? He confessed that women like her are hard to please because they put in a lot of energy in looking healthy and beautiful. I only shook my head in disbelief.

The fear of most women now is whether or not to look or feel good, or to pursue higher heights since the men are not forthcoming. I write this because of such women and also to the men out there. Sisters, it is a good thing to build yourself up. It is a good thing to always look your best. This should not be because you want to actually attract a man. Basically, it is to make you happy with or without a man. To the men, such women are really not difficult to please. You just have to be a full blown highly responsible man to match up to their needs as women. Not all of such women are spendthrifts, disrespectful, impolite and promiscuous as most of you think. They are simply ladies who have learned to carry themselves with the respect in their society.

That brings us to the story about Priscilla. She used to be so much into fashion. Her fashion sense was ‘wow’. Make up on point. Clothing on point. Bags and shoes on point. Accessories on point. Intelligence spectacular. She only had one issue and that was finding love. Someone then advised her to tone down her dressing and also not engage in so much intelligent conversations when talking to men. She obeyed and found love. She got married and her husband started following intelligent well groomed(high maintenance) young women.

Priscilla is currently divorced and living her life happily as a single. She had to learn the hard way that being herself would have been better. It could have won her the right person that matched her personality. So back to the question, do Ghanaian men fear to approach high maintenance women? Share your thoughts to help a woman unravel a mystery.

Justica Anima (all social networks)

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  1. Nice piece. My comments are few: women should learn to know their place in any situation. The face that one is knowledgeable or intelligent doesn't mean he/she should speak anyhow.
    Yes, dress to kill. But know who to kill. If your dressing and so forth puts you in category where men shun you, perhaps it's time to do some readjustments.
    The problem is that women have been taught to make themselves equal as men. And that's why all these issues are cropping up.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I think men are but looking at your definition for a high maintenance woman that shouldn't be the case. Some guys feel intimidated to even say hi because in their minds you are expensive to maintain. It's up to bold and matured men to even strike a conversation with a woman who is always looking 'on point'.

  4. The first sentence was no doubt to attract attention. However, I believe it should not be that women are falling short of finding men in their lives.
    Men need women just as much as women need men. It is our upbringing and society sways which promotes the power of men over women whilst belittling women that has contributed to conversations such as this being perceived as an issue.
    Women are actually powerful when they achieve intimate self discovery. Such ladies are sometimes described as high maintenance because what they do, think and say completely challenges what we have defined as the norm. Such women scare the hell out of almost everyone- both men and their colleague women alike. Maybe we should rethink what we define as normal.

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