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You Do Not Need Bigger Hips or Boobs To Survive

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September 8, 2020
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You Do Not Need Bigger Hips or Boobs To Survive

Often times, I get so overwhelmed when young ladies and gentlemen try so hard to keep their bodies in shape without caring so much about their knowledge base. What’s the use of a beautiful body when you cannot make smart decisions for yourself. There’s only one sure way to building sharp mental skills and reasoning. Great men of old have used this formula to build their capacity for success. Without it, you will always be led or misled by others. With it, you don’t need to struggle looking physically fit just to impress, although it can be a good thing. These tips hold all the secrets that you need to do well with or without a good body shape.

Special abilities

I have observed closely at how many people are not taking charge of their lives because they leave everything in the hands of people who possess uncommon capabilities and knowledge. These “special” people who possess these kinds of knowledge that not everyone has did not just get it overnight. It took years of constantly investing into their brain banks. They hardly slept at night. They dug deep into the gold mines of knowledge acquisition. Nobody ever has it easy, but to remain at the top, it is worth paying the price for.

Difficult task

Did you notice that getting in shape and maintaining the right figure isn’t an easy task in itself? Yes, the same applies to acquiring knowledge. The only difference is that one puts you at a greater advantage in life than the other. The body will grow weak in the long run. However, you ideas, knowledge and wisdom can’t depreciate. It stores up and grows with you as you climb the ladder of life.

What am I driving at? What could be more important than big boobs, hips, and muscles? What puts you in the limelight above all others? Big brains! Yes you read that.

Habitual reading

You cannot be intelligent overnight as I mentioned earlier. It takes consistent reading and searching for knowledge. People who do not read are those who hardly lead. It’s that simple. Commit to reading and searching for great secrets in every written piece that you come across. As senseless or sensible as it may seem, the letters have a way of putting your mind in order.

Reading keeps you smart and alert on the things going on around you. You also get to be among the first to acquire knowledge in a particular subject matter.

Choose wisely

Choose reading and mental exercise to physical outlook. Make sure that you commit much energy into reading good books and articles as you will commit to your physical wellbeing. Reading will broaden your mind, show you the way, and attract great people and opportunities into your life. Try it.

Whenever you think of getting that new hip pad, makeup, or exercise kits, be sure to add a book to the list. Stop borrowing books and build a library. It is one of the marks of a truly visionary person. Your friends, family, children and great grand children will benefit from the books you read. They will be glad to read from your library too. That’s one true legacy you could ever leave for those you care about.

Congrats! You just finished reading one great piece. Hope you practice what you learnt. Let’s vote. How many hands for hips and muscles, and how many hands for smart brains? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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