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Daily Lessons: Leverage on Your Network

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We’ve all been at a point in our lives where we needed to do something badly but we did not have the means or network to do so. We had to fall back on a family member or a friend to come through for us.

Recently, this truth hit me hard and I needed to remind myself of how people have been helpful in my career and personal growth as a young woman, especially with some recent projects that I embarked on.

Today, we hear people say things like, others do not really care about you until you succeed and so succeed by all means. I beg to differ on that. It’s not everyone who is heartless or selfish and only cares when you succeed in life.

Truth is, there are a few people who stick around through thick and thin. If you have no such person in your life, then perhaps it’s about time to shift your focus just a little bit.

Mentorship or Guidance

A person without a mentor or teacher figure in their lives is set to hit the rocks. In fact, your mentor is one that will guide you through the way and show you how to navigate through life with caution. Most young people hate rebuke or correction and so they choose to do things all by themselves. I am here to tell you that having a mentor or someone as a yardstick is very important. These people are the ones you can turn to for advice when the going gets tough. You’ll definitely need one.


People who are into events planning and organizing will tell you that numbers really count. Whether you’re seeking out for a few important people or a large crowd, knowing people who matter counts in that pursuit.

Sometimes, you may need someone to put in a word for you or to do Live Presenter Mentions on television or radio for you at a huge cost. Ask yourself, where do these people come from?

Most successful people have mostly attributed their success to some networks in high positions and family members who paved the way for them to smoothly organize a decent event. When trying to organize an event, that’s is when you’ll know the value of true friendships or networks.

Raising Capital

If you are seeking to raise capital in these times, remember your networks will help you achieve that. Like they say, your network is your net worth. In an environment where cash is now even more important, make rich friends count.

According to a young Ghanaian entrepreneur, Mr John Armah, “It is also important to remember that capital raising is a journey with different asks, expectations and obligations for all parties, requires rigor and the dynamics differ depending on the funding route chosen. Sometimes, we all need that word in before we set foot in.”


So you see, it is important to have the right network of people that you can have access to in your most difficult times, as well as in your joyous moments when you need people to celebrate with. I hope this helps you to rethink how you relate with people. Share your strategy for attracting the right people into your circle with me in the comments box below. I’d like to hear from you too.

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