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Daily Lessons: Grow Through the Pain

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Daily Lessons: Grow Through the Pain

When life seems to be giving you hard knocks, it is only trying to teach you a lesson. There are several lessons one can derive from the bitter moments life throughs at us. The question is whether we’re are willing to learn. Today’s daily lesson will discuss how we can learn to make pain benefit us rather than put us down. So here goes, are you ready?


A wise person once taught me the lesson of participating in life and not just being passive. Those who participate live a more fulfilling life. The pain that come are as a result of failures and mistakes we make. However harsh it may sound, only those who participate are handed the opportunities to make mistakes. Good news is, they eventually rise beyond those mistakes and challenges.


Having a team of experts as friends and connections is important. This will enable you to fall back on some support as they will be there to guide you throughout your painful transition periods. Not all friends are good for you when you are a little hurt and disturbed about life. However, learning to network and collaborate with the right people will ensure that you easily grow through your pain.


It is not enough to participate or collaborate, your engagement will also make you stand out and be remembered. In my most low moments, I am able to fall back on memories that I spent with some of the most amazing people I’ve met, and that alone keeps me going. To engage means to fully be involved and to be totally interested at the things you do. Others will describe it as being passionate about the activities in your life. That means not half adding anything. People who engage are full of life and they are never to be forgotten.

Before you fall out and cry foul, always remember that this too shall pass. You are stronger than you can ever imagine. The pain too is necessary for your growth. Don’t ran away from it but embrace it wholeheartedly so that you can pass on to the next stage.

Peace out!

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