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Daily Lessons: Be All About Your Work

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August 27, 2020
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August 31, 2020
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The rude awakening I got on hearing about the death of Chadwick was out of the world. For once, I realized how much ungrateful humans can be towards those who pour out strength from their cups unto the rest of us who may be lacking. We are all here for a purpose, however, other people’s purpose is to bring smiles on faces while fighting their own battles.

Today’s lesson was going to be about spending what is within your means but I chose to postpone that for my next episode and rather focus on this one truth. Today, let’s delve into the art of being all about your work and your life’s mission.


I will not fault anyone who seems misguided or confused about their purpose in life. By now, I want to assume that most of us know why we are here and for which purpose we have been called to. If you’re still a bit unsure about that, you’ll need a little more self introspection. You’ll have to identify your core talents, strengths, and the things that drive you in life. Is organizing your thing, or is it singing? Or are you just like me who loves to write? Finding that one thing that inspires you to wake up each day can be a great start to knowing why you’re here.


For most people, their skills come from their talents which they have refined over the years through education and consistent training. Your skills are what make room for you in any environment. Skills open you to a whole new world of opportunities, and like Chadwick, we all can be perfect at our skills if we want to be someone great in life. What skills are you ready to offer the world in exchange for accolades and rewards? Think about it.

Die empty

One of my favorite quotes which has stayed with me along my journey is, “If you must die, die empty.” For me, the most wasted resources on earth is talent. A lot of people do not really utilize what’s stored up in them. In the end, they live miserable, unfulfilled lives. Let that not be your story. We were created for something unimaginably great and we can only enjoy this when you put our talents and skills to good use. Chadwick knew the essence of dying empty and so he gave the world his best shot and today, the memories of what he poured out to the world lingers on, even after his demise.


Be determined to focus on using your work to tell a story which exemplifies great character and charisma at all times. Being focused on your work liberates you from the negativity that is being thrown at you daily. You leave no room for doubt, worry or fear and you are your best self without you even realizing it. Being all about your work only comes from a place of self awareness and that is why I began by asking you about your life’s mission.

Let us go back to the basics and always remind ourselves of why we started the journey so that in the end, we can bow out without much regrets. Share your lessons from the life of Chadwick Boseman with me in the comments box below. I’ll be glad to hear from you.

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