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Class FM Holds Maiden Youth Forum At GIJ

The Class 93.1 FM crew was at the Ghana Institute of Journalism on Thursday, 22nd March, to engage students on discussions around the Ghana Beyond Aid brouhaha. The event saw many third and final year students gathered to talk on the theme, “Ghana Beyond Aid: Pipe Dream or Palpable Reality?”. The moderator for the program was Dr. Etse Sikanku and the guest speakers were Mr. Prosper Senyo (Researcher) and Dr. Kobby Mensah (Lecturer, University of Ghana Business School). Meanwhile, the forum promises to extend to other tertiary institutions with GIJ being the first to experience it.

What is Ghana Beyond Aid?

Students gave their insights on what they understood by Ghana Beyond Aid. Although it was agreed that the government must come out to spell out the real meaning and facets of the phrase, students did well to deliberate on the issue. Some responses for this question were as follows. Ghana Beyond Aid to most young people meant; Ghana beyond international influence, economic independence, a self sufficient Ghana, and independence from international organizations such as International Monetary Fund where we normally go for loans from.

  • A student addressing the audience

Is it Possible or not?

The major concerns raised as to whether it was possible or not lies also in the questionable nature of the whole phenomenon. Sharon Willis, a third year student pinpointed the issue of our leaders not solving our internal problems and the government not focusing on helping it’s people. Also, Osei Kwame Wise mentioned that a nation as ours cannot go beyond aid due to its huge debts. On the positive side, some argued that it is possible if we are able to put up with the right vision, plan, structures and attitudes. Dr. Kobby Mensah also stated that there was the need for the country to harness it’s resources in order to build internal revenue and capacity if it wants to be truly economic independent.

Closing Remarks

In the quest for a Ghana Beyond Aid, everyone must play their role so as to make it a reality. The government must identify sections of society and spell out various roles to them. There is the need for a rallying call to all sections of society to get all hands on deck. Again, this should go beyond Ghana and move to an Africa Beyond Aid, where African leaders will come together to achieve this common goal of economic independence from the Western world.

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