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Diary Of A Confused Lover

Ours could have been love but you taught me otherwise… We have had many fun times together and I really enjoy being around you. You are like the person for my soul. Soul mate. Yes, that’s what they call it. You text me the how-are-yous and I melt at each …

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LOVE STORY: Out Of The World Romance

Nakie and Kwaku had been together since High School. Theirs was an inseparable tie which caused controversy all over campus. Anywhere there was Nakie, Kwaku was there and anywhere there was Kwaku, Nakie was visible. Infact, the two had grown so fond of eachother that they were almost looking like …

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All too soon you have a crush on someone. Then you realize that you two are meant to be together. When the both of you are together,  you can feel the mechanism and attraction. Cool, is it not? All too soon you must decide to keep this person. This can …

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