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Lessons From The Butterfly

Who doesn’t know butterflies for their lovely appearance and delight to FLY? I for one do fancy butterflies a lot. I love their color, flight and the whole reason behind their existence……flowers. Come to think of it, have we for once stopped to think of the stuff these creatures are made of? Or how they are able to survive nature? Well, for some reason; I guess for the reason that I love them; I took pains to find out.

Check out what I got.

           A butterfly is an insect with bright colorful wings attached to its body. They basically have a four stages life cycle thus, an egg, a caterpillar, a pupa and then…… a full blown butterfly! Yippeeeey!!! Let’s go on to learn ten distinctive characters from this wobbly insect or fly; call it whatever, lol J :

          Foremost, butterflies have vision, yes they see ahead of time. Surprised? These insects have the power to see bright colored petals of flowers even from a distance far away. They spot colors of violet, red, yellow, pink, green, you name it and alas! They fly to settle on them. Truth is, these insects are nearsighted but the lesson here is that, they set their eyes on things they love to achieve. Call them the go-getters if you like, but trust me; a butterfly would never go past a colorful flower.

           Again, a butterfly has great speed. Of course due to their light weight, they have a flight speed of about 12 miles per hour. This speed allows them to be faster among their competitors and to escape their prey faster as well. As humans, we should also strive to finish up the human race of life with great speed and fortitude. We should emulate a butterfly and its speed, not to be sluggish in our doings but to be smart and quick at finishing every task at hand.

            Moreover, they are industrious insects. Tell you what, butterflies build and are very productive. They build cases made of silk, plant or soil as hive around them. Amazing as that may sound, it does end there; they also produce silk and honey as by products. How wonderful! I always thought only bees could make honey, but no! Someone’s got that skill too. So you see why you must not remain useless or inactive. Even a butterfly has got so much up its sleeves.

              Furthermore, they are patient creatures. A butterfly as we all know has four stages of growth. Good! It does not totally rise to emerge as a butterfly as soon as it drops as an egg. It takes time to grow properly before popping out its wings to fly about. Even so, it doesn’t fly as soon as it emerges but waits till their wings are fully strong before. So to say, we should not be in a rush to reach a place of success in life. We must pass through the necessary procedures and experiences to get where we ought to get.

             Additionally, they are cautious. Butterflies are known to taste a leaf before settling on them to lay their eggs. This is to know if the leaves are good enough to feed their caterpillar. How caring of them, right? Aside that, they device lots of tricks to keep away from their prey by sticking close to plants in disguise, so that their prey cant differentiate from them and the plants, smarties, that’s what they are. How well do we caution rather than expose ourselves to problems and dangers? The ball is in our courts.

              Next, these insects prepare. Yes in all things, preparation is the first factor to consider. That is why butterflies choose to work on their mouthparts as soon as they emerge from their pupal case. They will need to feed with their mouth, that’s more reason why they never wait till hunger strikes before taking this action. My friends make hay while the sun still shines. It’s that simple!

              More so, they eat proportionately. Yes butterflies feed on plants, nectar and they drink mud puddles to generate minerals. They mostly have an all-liquid diet on which they gladly live on. It’s amazing how humans abuse food and don’t have a diet plan on which they live on. People eat anything at anytime forgetting how that can affect their lives. Butterflies have a life span of 2-4 weeks of which I’m sure they are aware of. They wouldn’t risk that to some outrageous diet imbalance. Wise up!

              To add to, they have limitations. Why do I say so? Because butterflies cannot fly cold unless at a temperature of 85-86 degrees. So you see, they are restricted sometimes but who says that scares them to a hoot. They always have another way out. By hiding in a warmer place, perhaps their hives until they are warm enough to fly again. Who says our limitations means the end to our dreams, you still won’t grow up?

             However, they are strong. Skeletons on the outside and soft on the inside, Exo-skeletons. That’s what it is right? We don’t have to show the outside world our soft spots, we always have to be strong in all matters like this insect. They never hide away because they fear to face difficulties or challenges, they just go ahead and flyyyyy. Need I say more>?

            Finally they can fly…….. My favorite part about them. Butterflies fly in their beautiful skin, or even if they are just moths. They love to fly in other to move and sometimes I think, just for the fun of it. Flying is a state of moving higher up in the air. The good thing about it is, you are able to see non-flyers beneath you and move much faster than they do. I believe everyone has the ability to fly to make a difference wherever they are. In fact, we must choose to fly irrespective of how beautiful or ugly our wings (situations) are. Just take the dreams and make them come true.

              Caterpillars always sit in trees and dream till they someday turn butterflies when they can fly away to achieve these dreams. Just when things are going on wrong, keep dreaming. Who knows? You may be preparing for a great day when you can fly. In the mean time, you’d have to allow your pupal case to fall off, sit on a leaf till your wings are strong enough, attain the right body temperature, sharpen your mouthparts for feeding, and the list goes on and on. But don’t you worry and just hold on tight, there will surely come a day when, pop! BUTTERFLY FLY AWAY.

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