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Benefits of Shea Butter To Your Health

I love shea butter and although I use other orthodox creams and pomades like Nivea and Dark and Lovely, my dressing table is never void of a container of natural unsaturated shea butter. A few of my female friends use the product too and I must confess that they are those with the most beautiful hair and skin. The good thing is that it is very affordable and one needs just a little quantity to make you glow like sunshine. What most people are not aware of is that shea butter is very high in vitamin E and A and has anti oxidants for replenishing skin problems. 

Massage Oil

Sheabutter oil is great for massage. Using the oil gives great relief to back and body pains and had been proven to give quick relief from pain. Most massage oils have qualities to heal and that is just what shea butter oil does, at a cheaper cost. 

Low in cholestrol

Sheabutter can be used to cook and fry anything from braised rice to fried chicken. The butter is low in cholestrol. It has healing capacity and the ability to curb high cholesterol in people. One can bet on using sheabutter oil for all their cooking purposes and be sure of a healthy eating lifestyle. 

Shiny hair

Using sheabutter for my hair needs really gave me some sort of boost and confidence. So can be said of most female friends of mine who mostly use sheabutter on their hair, especially natural hair. Natural hair is stubborn and sometimes getting the perfect glow you want can be difficult. However, there is never a dull hair moment with sheabutter by your dressing mirror. Try it. 

Supple skin

Have dry and tough skin? Worry no more. Trust sheabutter to do the magic. Within a few weeks of using the product, you are guaranteed of a soft, smooth, supple skin. That is the magic of sheabutter, and as already stated, it comes really cheap too. Sheabutter  is a perfect homemade moisturizer for all skin types. 
Cures cold and flu

I bet you didn’t know this one. Smearing a little amount of sheabutter cream on your nose and forehead can cure your headache, cold and flu, giving you total relief within 24 hours or less. 
In Ghana, sheabutter is mostly extracted in the northern parts, from shea nut. Due to its high benefits, it is used by many local folks and by industry people for lotions and cosmetic products. Be sure to grab some soon if you haven’t yet tried it. 

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