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Ayekoo to Shatta Wale and Medikal

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Ayekoo to Shatta Wale and Medikal

These past weeks have been nothing short of overwhelming as our two favorite superstars were thrown into jail. One for causing fear and panic, the other for brandishing a gun in public. Prior to that, we all saw how our celebrities easily got away with some of these things and we only hoped that things will be tamed sooner or later.

Then comes Dampare, the senior arrest master who is a no nonsense man. Within weeks of assuming his new position as IGP, there seem to be some form of decorum which sits well with the police service’s mission of maintaining law law and order.

Just yesterday Shatta Wale and Medikal were granted bail after spending days in the police cells. This followed much jubilation from fans and well wishers. It also showed how much Ghanaians were praying for their release. Their arrests were sudden and unforeseen as the two seem untouchable but here we are.

When I first heard of the arrest, I thought to myself “this is one of such things which will not see the light of day”. But as fate will have it our entertainers were on the opposite side of luck as they got themselves in the grips of the police. Fast forward, they have been released. Hopefully, this will serve as a deterrant to others who plan on towing the same lines as their superstars.

Crimes in the Ghanaian society come in different forms and mostly their perpetrators are not brought to book. Also, celebrities easily fuel some form of behaviors which the larger society look up to and so having the two brought to book will definitely send a signal to any persons or groups who have plans of defaulting.

I would want to use my channel to congratulate the two superstars for allowing themselves to go through the punishment especially, Shatta Wale who turned himself in to face the full rigors of the law. Also, Medikal and his team who did not incite their fans to cause mayhem of any sort must be commended.

Ayekoo to them once again. Ghana’s entertainment industry just got better.

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