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April 15, 2021
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I know you all missed me and I’ve been away for a long while. Things happen, seasons change, and sometimes we need to pause and rethink. A lot seem to be happening and there hasn’t been time to even disassociate from some of the most unpleasant things going on.

All I can say is I have been taking time off to cool off a bit. Sweet 16 now resonates with me better than ever before. You know why? I have come to realize that growing old hurts and no one really wants to go through a season of been old, unwanted, or dejected.

One time I was listening to this cool music titled, “Away”, by Ayra Starr, and I thought to myself, “this young lady is so cool”. The song reminded me of some of my posts dated three to five years ago, and I noticed how creativity spans through times and seasons. The thought of someone thinking your exact words in a timely situation (remind me if there’s a word for that).

Anyway my article is not centered on that music. I am about being able to set your mind to achieving something and moving away from anything that holds you back from achieving your set goals. Anyway, I know others also believe in the fact that doing the same things several times can get you results and I am not even going to disagree with that. Pursue dreams worth your strength and skills.


I sometimes forget that I’m a young adult and a lot of children and teens (and oh! some old folks too) look up to me.


Let us best believe that I’m going to be showing up more and focusing on the best narratives that spark both controversy and lasting solutions to our many woes as a people. And as always, the bitter pill must be learnt to be swallowed. It is in our collective efforts that we all can drive the change that we want. And so when people put in the work and show up for us, we might as well applaud them or sit back and ridicule them. The choice remains ours.

There won’t be any way to ask questions and make changes to life if nothing really changes around us. For all the work we put into telling stories, others put into saving lives, while others put that much into feeding communities. All work is work provided it is bringing a little change into a seemingly degrading society. This piece is for all the real people out there putting in the time to do their best work yet.

Away bus!

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