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Are Relationships A Happy Ending Afterall?

Hey there, yes it’s me again. The lady with all the tips and gist. LOL. I recently joined a truth or dare game and I found out a truth about… Well… some truths are meant to be kept as a secret but hey, I want to spill this one out. I found out the truth about how one friend of mine enters a relationship not entirely for the long haul but for some benefits she and her partner can give each other. And well she wouldn’t mind dating two friends at a go or even two brothers at the same time. This revelation although not so strange, really struck me into really thinking deep on why people do the things they do. And oh! I am not judging at all.

Is there a Perfect Relationship?

How many of us are really happy with the partner we have and are not willing to trade them for the next one in line? I know a few of us are super excited and proud of the ones we share love with at the moment. Let me not spoil the chemistry for you with my amusing sentiments. Often times, we let people’s idea of what a relationship should be get so much into our head. For instance a friend was once asked why she is still in her relationship if her partner cannot get her all the luxuries she wanted.

From the look on her face, this question got her thinking. Maybe she was thinking about the possibility of leaving her partner for someone who could make her “happier”. Who knows? I only shrugged in my thoughts as I watched the poor lady think hard on the possibility of finding true happiness. This brings me back to the question, “Is your relationship really the path to a happy-ever-after?

Fighting for Love

Thinking on these words, I remember an advise an elderly woman once told me. She said to me, “Fight for what you desire for”. At that time, I was too young to understand. How can you fight for someone if the person is not willing to have you in their lives, I thought. However, growing up, it’s all getting clearer, the picture which the woman was trying to paint in my mind. What that meant is that, love can be a roller coaster full of lessons of which pain is a part of. To forfeit the pain is to ignore the most vital lessons of all.

Find Happiness Your own Way

What ever happens, and with whoever is reading this, always remember to note that, love can hurt sometimes. The wisdom of this message is to tell you that, happily ever after is only found in fighting, sacrificing, and compromising for the one person that your heart truly desires and who shares the same feelings about you. I hope that this inspires you to stay in love no matter what.

Don’t forget to send in your comments and thoughts in the comments box below. Let’s keep the fire burning together. Cheers!

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