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Alleviating Women’s Fear of Unemployment In a Pandemic Period

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Alleviating Women’s Fear of Unemployment In a Pandemic Period

In an economic crisis period when most companies are collapsing and employees are being asked to go home, women are at a higher risk of losing their source of livelihood in the employment hierarchy. In a world in which women are already battling gender related discrimination, unemployment only reduces their economic power and independence. In this article, we will delve into some means of solving the unemployment gender gap in a pandemic period.

Go back to the basics
Women are originally known for their tenacity and zeal to manage things. We can only face forward while looking back on the things which make us unique. Catering and management means that we can find many opportunities in home care services as well as nursery schools. This is the time to think outside of the box and secure a job in passions that fuel your drive rather than those that demand a lot of your energy. Note that you may have a nervous breakdown trying to work all kinds of jobs.

Skill development
It is a perfect time for women to develop skill sets that they can work with in the nearest future. If your organization is no more hiring in your specific field, that may mean a shift in how things operate in the corporate space. Organizing yourself in the space which is more likely to hire even in post pandemic era is a great way to set yourself and other women in the job space.

Focus on self employment
Building your own business can help you create room for employing more women. You become a boss of your own and will not need to bother on getting employed by another company. Self employment is becoming a trend and choosing the right space to launch our is a sure way to join the world’s most successful professionals.

Rethink women training
More women training in manufacturing and IT related fields will be needed to introduce more women to job opportunities in a new world order. Women who are science inclined may find better opportunities unlike those with mundane skills. Companies or organizations which focus on women development must bring more women along by training them to secure relevant skills which are needed for today’s job market.

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