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Achieving Success With Or Without a College Degree

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Achieving Success With Or Without a College Degree

Since the context of this article is about how to be outstanding with or without a college degree, all of these activities will work for you no matter what your educational
background is.

1. Start Early:

Find your passion and purpose in life and pursue that with vigor and dedication. There are a lot of elite athletes such as golfers, tennis players, runners, soccer players, and many more other sports. In
some cases they did go to college and in some cases they didn’t. But most, if not all of them started early in their life and put in the work to be a success in their chosen field. Steve Wozniak, who developed the first Apple computer, was playing around with electronics as a kid.

2. Find a Mentor:

Yes. Regardless if you have a college degree or not; find a mentor. Maybe you are passionate about real estate. You don’t need a college degree, but if you can find a mentor that can show you the ropes you can
learn faster. Even if you do have a college degree, find a mentor that can show you how to continue to grow and develop in a chosen field.

3. Learn how to Sell:

No matter what, if you start your own thing or you work for someone, learn how to sell!
If you can learn to sell or you already know how, you will always have a job.

4. Expand Your Network:
Job or no job, degree or no degree; if you can develop a strong network of people who know you, know what you are about, know
your product, know your company that you work for, all of these things, then you can have massive success and be outstanding in whatever you decide to do.

5. Read Lots of Books:

How many? As many as you can get your hands on! Read anything and everything that is in your chosen career field/space.
You can always learn more and broaden your knowledge. No amount of books is too

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