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About Ebony: Another Point of View. 

Some rules are meant to be broken…

We all have preferences and we all have a plan for how we want to live our lives. Some people just go ahead and live theirs. Indeed, I have watched her video clips and listened to all her tracks and I must say she has a strong voice. Watching her for the first time on the Delay Show was amusing, as she poured out her heart about her life, career, and future plans. She appears to be an open person but I do not know whether or not she is a role model. I just know that people love her work.

Ebony is by far doing well with her music career with hit upon hit songs. She now seems to be on most people’s lips for what seems like a crime but let’s face it, its her life and career. Afterall, she has given us all something to talk about. And that to me is a plus for her. I sometimes wonder why some people always like to impose their lifestyle on other people knowing very well that we are all different in our own unique ways.

Let us first consider that Ebony is young and full of energy. She has an outgoing and bubbly personality which sometimes causes her to want to go all out of her confines. She may be doing some things wrong but can we learn to give a person credit for the things they do that we cannot do? She represents a brand for a particular niche market and that is what she is set to accomplish.

  • These attires of hers tagged indecent

I read Mannesseh’s letter to the songstress and I must say he wrote some salient points that I myself learnt a lot from. But to compare her to Mzbel was not really necessary. Both of them are different personalities with different goals and in different times.

The world is evolving and becoming a global village. As it stands, showbiz is a competitive marketplace especially for female artistes and so let’s assume she is representating the bad girl RiRi (Rihanna) of Ghana. If so, then Ebony does not wear half of what Rihanna wears on stage. Her manager was right when he told her Ghana was not ready for some of her choice in clothing. I am not in anywhere endorsing her recent actions. However, is it okay for people to just be themselves (forget the errors and all, everyone makes some) and not be judged by it?

Ebony like most creative people cannot easily be understood. They are not made to really fit in or live by other people’s standards. They want to explore and do wild things that ordinary people will not want to do. Their imaginations are always running wild. In their bid to be someone different, they may step on toes. When we try and understand their differences, we learn to live and enjoy their world better with them.

If Ebony and I were friends, we would would easily get along with her playing her bad girl side while I play my good girl side. By the way, who determines what is right from wrong anyway? We would have fun, enjoy life, go to church and pray together, and be our very own selves together. On the days where she wouldn’t want go to church, I will still go and say a prayer for her anyway. I am sure we will be a perfect blend as friends. We don’t have to be of the same nature. Even twins have different personalities.

To be frank, most of us like to box our true selves just to make others feel safe around us. Meanwhile, we feel so unhappy within. Who are we deceiving anyway? Recently, it was all over social media that Ahoufe Patricia was smoking weed. You should have read some of the demeaning comments under the post. It was funny as well as shocking at the same time. I just shook my head and laughed. How true could this be, and even so, how bad could it be either? These are forceful young women trying to live life to the fullest, and just maybe, oneday, they will discover themselves and become a Michelle Obama or an Angela Merkel. We don’t have to just write them off because they do not fall within our taste of preferences, so to speak. These and many more young women are doing amazing things which is putting Ghana on the map. Let us try to encourage them more than we criticise them. To me, they are strong women.

Let us not be quick to judge but give credit to people making an effort to shine like diamonds. Ghanaians are quick to kill their own dreams and will quickly extend their lack of self confidence into killing other people’s dreams as well. We are created different and so let us learn to respect that not everybody can be what we want them to be. They can only be themselves and there are people who love them just the way the are. There is something about “bad” people that I admire so much and that is courage. Not everyone has that.

Live your life and leave others to live theirs too. If you discover yourself while doing the things you love and it brings you success, just go for it. My best regards to all the critics in life, they make the world an interesting place for all of us. And while at it, please learn to mind your own business. (Ouch! that hit me too because I am not an exemption).

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  1. Talk about what “bad or indecent” is and that would end up being another discussion on its own…bad or not, she’s doing what she loves and that’s what matters.

    Your church girl part tho☺☺

  2. Couldn’t have been better said Justy

  3. Beautiful piece. May her soul rest in peace.

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