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A Girl’s Rush Hour Thoughts About Life In Accra 

This morning, I woke up to a new day’s breeze as I found my way out of my room to go and sweep the compound. I picked up the broom and yawned lazily towards the compound. Hearing a few screams from the next house, I opened the gate to go see what was happening (Yes, I can be that inquisitive). It was the couple next door. 

The wife was fuming with rage at her husband. All this while, I was still at my gate. I dared not to move an inch towards their gate for fear of whatever might happen if I tried. I made way back into the house and rushed through my chores. After finishing my chores, it was time to prepare for school. Uhphm! I sighed. I knew the traffic was going to be hectic but I had no choice. A girl is got to do what a girl is got to do, I thought. 

Standing at the junction, so many cars bypassed me, none going to my intended destination. I sighed again, this time very heavily. I was definitely going to be late for class. A friend waved at me from one of the vehicles which passed by and I smiled back. What did I even smile for? Here I was having no car to travel with and I was just smiling sheepishly. 

Life in Accra is no joke. Forget about  having a car or Uber and all. Even the traffic alone can mess up your day and life for you. Seriously! You could miss a great business deal or an examination, or an appointment due to traffic. Next thing I knew, a vehicle filled with passengers stopped right infront of me and I hopped in. I said a thankful prayer as the car moved from the junction, hopeful that I had atleast started a journey to a ‘known destination’. 

Speaking of journeys and destinations, Accra gives me so much examples to learn from. As I sit in the traffic jam and type this, I look back at my daily routine (as narrated from beginning of this  post) and I know that everything will be alright because Accra is a place of possibilities. If not, why do people travel from afar to come here and make ends meet. Some even end up finding a fortune and making a name for themselves. I could mention names but that is not the focus of this write up. 

In starting life out here, the number one advice you will ever get is to stay vigilant. A lot of fraudulent activities go on around each day. People get duped of their hard earned possessions just because they were not so smart to detect fraud. The journey through Accra life to me remains a mystery. If you come out untouched and unbeaten then I can assure you that you are immortal. 

Accra is a place of the jungle. Beat or be beat. Take or get taken. It is as they say, no man’s land. It is the best fit place for survival  of the fittest. The rich chase after the same things that the  poor have not. Early morning rising and and late  night sleeping is the commonest rule if you really want to fit in, although there may be exceptions. They are those that go find money the easiest way or the ones who do not really care whether they get rich or not. 

On relationship building, you may find yourself a few friends but to what extent, I cannot really reveal. All because some come if you have your pocket ‘wet’ and others stay around as sympathisers, not because they really care but because they want to know what next… Be ever ready for heart breaks, don’t say I never warned you. It is a lifestyle over here. Many wolves in sheepskin. I won’t tell you to stay off, I will only advice that you immune yourself not to feel its sting. 

Accra is such a lovely place to find interesting people and places. You just have to be sure you don’t tread on dangerous grounds. Here is a place of breaking rules, yes! Only make sure to be both a self pleaser as well as a people pleaser (as if I really know what that means LOL). 

Drops pen and signs off…:) 

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