90 year old Akua Denteh’s ‘killer’ apprehended - Justica Anima

90 year old Akua Denteh’s ‘killer’ apprehended

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90 year old Akua Denteh’s ‘killer’ apprehended

One of the ladies who was spotted beating 90 year old Akua Denteh in the Savanna East Region for being a witch, has been apprehended by the police, reports have indicated.

However, reports on how she was apprehended are not known to the public, although she is believed to have been whisked from her hiding place. Her arrest will hopefully lead to the arrest of the other perpetrators.

Akua Denteh is a victim of the many name calling and accusations of elder women to be witches just because they exhibit certain abnormal behaviors which are associated with old age and poverty.

The Northern part of Ghana is feared to still hold on such beliefs as more old women and widows are sent to witch camps and are banished from their towns on daily basis, a situation which seems not to be outmoded in their culture. In recent news, Akua Denteh unfortunately got lynched to death when she was allegedly accused of being a witch by a fetish priestess in a small community in the Savanna East.

We hope the security officials and the state will arrest more perpetrators for justice to be served. Officials of State use the collective power and authority in their care against us, while they fail to swing into action when we most need them.

However, despite the dysfunctional systems, systems that work only for some, but against most, we still see results on few occasions and we commend state officials for that.

Justice for Akua Denteh, is justice for all of us.

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