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7 Myths About Journalism People Need To Get Straight

Journalism has come to stay and is invariably the fourth arm of government aside the legislature, executive and, judiciary. Basically, it is referred to as the Fourth estate of the realm. Journalists are one of the highly successful and respected professionals around the world. Unfortunately, there has been certain untruths surrounding the profession which I believe must be clarified. In some parts of the world, the underdeveloped nations to be specific, Journalism has over a period of time being dragged in the mud. Many who find themselves in the profession are either untrained or lack the basic knowledge of the ethics of the profession. When practised right, Journalism can be the source of national growth and development for any nation and it’s citizens. Here’s what you need to know about the profession.


Fame and Glam

First of all, Journalism isn’t all about becoming famous. Never get it twisted. Of course,  the fame comes with being good and exceptional at what you do. The people you see on your television are there for a specific reason; to entertain, inform, and educate us. Some journalists are investigators who expose rot in society, and do not necessarily need to be in the spotlight due to the nature of their work. As a brand or professional, looking good is part of the rules of engagement so that doesn’t mean most journalists are only in for the glam. There’s more to this lovable profession.

Less Difficult Profession 

I hear a lot of people give remarks that seem to demean the hard work of journalists and student journalists. People go as far to say that why study Journalism when you just need a camera, laptop, and a channel to be in the game. Okay, why study business when you just need a shop where you get to count all the money in the world? It’s funny for anybody to even think this way. Again, journalists go to various processes to get their work ready to be broadcast through whichever medium. In today’s competitive world, unskilled and untrained media personnel cannot be overlooked. Effective trained media personnel not only bring accountability but also stops bad news from being spread. Getting real facts from credible sources is enough headache which requires smart professionals who have undergone some form of training in a media or Journalism school.

Low Income or Salary

Whenever I hear people say media men are the least paid, I only laugh. A colleague almost quit Journalism school because she had been told she would not make enough ends meet from the profession. Today, although she is still in school, she makes enough to support herself and she enjoys what she does. Journalists are one of the well paid and highly demanded people in the professional circles. It is easy to find one media person working for multiple institutions and making money from all those areas. Many journalists are working in both radio and television spaces which means they will be paid in both places, and vice versa. The beginning might be difficult, but persistence pays a lot.


Journalists are gossips

It is of no doubt that various blogs, newspapers, websites, television, and radio stations have categories in which they discuss hot gossips. However, Journalism has a broader sense which cannot be limited to celebrity news and gossips. Journalism involves sharing information that is in the interest of the public for purposes of education and enlightenment. Information broadcasted are true facts that are evidence based. Well trained media practitioners do not have any right to spread false news about people without going unpunished for defamation charges. Also, celebrity news sells and that is why most news about celebrities are regularly circulated. Be reminded that journalists do not gossip but see to it that things are done right; that good deeds are applauded and the bad are punished.

Journalists lack morals and ethics

If there is any profession that lacks ethics, you can count Journalism out. It is bound by strong code of ethics under the Constitution. However, some unscrupulous people have evaded the profession who exhibit high levels of unprofessionalism. It is highly recommended to finish a two years Diploma or a four years Degree course in order to be well equipped as a media person. The various programmes teaches ethics, conducts and practises in which journalists must operate. These ethics include, proper dressing, use of proper language, correct forms of verbal and non verbal communication, writing skills, media law and ethics, and what have you.

No training needed

Journalists around the world are smart and intelligent people who require both soft and hard skills in the exhibition of their roles. Disk jockeying, television and radio presenting, news reporting, editing, script writing, directing and all the other facets of the media require “sharp brains” and a well of training. Those who get the patience to go through proper training are those who succeed in the profession. Not just anyone can handle Journalism, and it does not only take beauty and a nice physique. Proper schooling and training is the key to high standard Journalism.

For the bold and beautiful

A lot of people draw back from pursuing their passion for Journalism because they have been told that they aren’t beautiful or handsome enough. Hello! Do not be misled. If you are good at what you do, the print media(newspaper) and radio stations are available and you might not necessarily have to show your face to the world. Photography is also another great option. Personally, I believe everybody is born beautiful and must not be discouraged from achieving greatness. All you need to succeed at the profession is your gift and talent. Be smart, be creative, be curious, love arts, read, write and talk well.

Thanks for taking time to read this. I wrote it just for you. Now you can go out there and prove the world wrong. Let nothing get in your way of being you. I will be excited to know what you think about Journalism and how this peice has been helpful. Have a happy life!

Justica Anima



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