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5 Ways To Easily Connect With Nature In Your Home

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5 Ways To Easily Connect With Nature In Your Home

We are all staying at home and doing the mundane things to get by with life. Just a few workers are out there seeing to it that all of us get safe and ready for the uncertain days ahead. And if your are not an essential service provider, you may be as bored as everyone else who has had to stay at home for over 14 days. 

Nature is what we are. All of us are a product of it. Being cut off with nature is like being taken out of life in the sense of it. We need our world to spin around nature such as birds flying over our heads and the wind blowing under our skin. If you are like me, you always love to be in tune with nature and that is what I want to share with you. How do we connect with nature in these difficult times? Follow this post till the end to find out what you need to do to keep in touch with nature.


Reading books filled with descriptive pictures of nature is a way to start. Find a magazine or geographical book which showcases some important landmarks and sceneries that you’d love to visit. Make sure your mind is hovering around the exact place in the pictures that you see. Let your imagination run wild. This will give you a sense of being in that exact place. Your mind is a powerful tool and you will notice how this will make you feel. If the book describes how the place is, the better for your imaginations. You will easily feel the touch of nature right infront of you.

Indoor Plants

Gardens are a good place to set yourself in nature. Indoor gardening is also another way to do this. Since we are mostly spending time indoors, keeping indoor plants also helps to create the right ambiance that we need. Flower pots are amazing. They do not only beautify a place but also keeps the whole environment looking and smelling refreshed. Try keeping indoor plants and learn the rudiments of nursing and nurturing them, a skill not everyone has.

Bed bouncing

Yes! You heard me. Bouncing on your bed can be fun. Like mountain climbing, this can be adventurous. We sometimes engage in pillow fights to allow ourselves to play. Why can’t we climb our beds and allow ourselves to bounce like the children we once were? Feel the wind that blows around while letting your hair down? That is another way to release stress. You will keep your heart beating and your blood flowing. So allow yourself. Free your soul.


Arts is infinite. It is in its very self the real nature that we often overlook. Painting is that form of arts where the hands and the heart are in unison to create beautiful memories. Paintings are known to lighten up the heart when life’s moments are down. This art form keeps us in tune with our true selves and we forget about everything else. When we get lost in painting, the whole world seems to align with our imaginations to create wonderful work of arts. Painting never fails because whatever the outcome, there is surely an interpretation to it.

Star gazing

Twinkle twinkle little stars… Does that ring a bell? Well, star gazing may seem like a thing for only romantic partners. However, it is a ritual that can solidify our bond with nature. Deep at night when our bodies are relaxed and free from any workload, that is the perfect time for star gazing. You can decide to do it alone or with a partner. Either ways, make sure you feel the connection with the universe. While lying down gazing at the stars, take your mind off every other thing. Allow your inner self to wander freely into the process. With time, you’ll notice how light you feel and how much burden you will shed away in the process.

I hope these few tips teaches you something new this year. I hope that when you feel in touch with nature, you will enjoy all the positive vibes that come with it. All the best!

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