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5 Traits of a Confident Woman

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July 28, 2022
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5 Traits of a Confident Woman

The greatest achievement of every confident person is finding and walking in their purpose. A confident woman who has found hers purpose exudes so much grace and strength and carries herself well in public. To be confident comes from knowing oneself and ignoring other people’s negative opinion of you.

Confident women show their confidence in different ways but they all have a unique pattern. These traits you are about to read will help you spot a confident woman from afar. As a lady, you can also use these parameters to score yourself to check your confidence level.

Recognise insecurities

A confident woman knows she is not perfect. She is able to recognise personal insecurities and work on addressing them at the same time.

Not afraid

A confident woman is not afraid to face problems. She is able to manage stress and focus on a solution at the same time. Sometimes people tend to wonder where her strength comes from. Confident women draw strength form other women’s struggles and achievements.

Delayed gratification

A confident woman knows that certain things take time and doesn’t expect to see results instantly. She is able to patiently wait for the turn of events to enjoy the best things in life. When life becomes rough, she is confident that she can face the hard times because she has prepared for it.

Great listener

A confident woman does not seek to constantly direct attention to herself. She listens carefully to other people knowing that she will have her turn to make an input to the conversation at hand.

Not distracted

A confident woman sees other people’s misconceptions of her as a projection of their own insecurities which she has no control over. She does not quickly change to fit the pressure from society but stays true to her core values until she meets the right people who accept her for who she is.

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