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5 Things To Do In February

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5 Things To Do In February

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A new month is upon us and you may be wondering how January moved so fast. Well, 2022 seems to be rushed and we’re loving it. But without planning you may find yourself wanting. So who’s here for all the new year resolutions and goal settings. Yes! I am as excited as you are. And so in the spirit of sharing and holding each other accountable, here are five things to do in February to keep your goals in check.

Start exploring nature

Nature has a way of revitalizing you and giving way for your natural instincts to be reconnected with nature. A walk through the gardens or a walk by the beach side can give you the vibrations that spark one’s creativity and new energy. Going to the riverside or visiting the zoo can be other ways to explore nature. Don’t be hard on yourself, free yourself to take in the new energy that only the universe can give you. A walk through nature does not only energize you but reduces your anxiety and depression that may arise from doing the hard stuff.

Build a new side hustle

Side hustles are some of the best ways to make extra income to pay for your bills. Having a side hustle may be difficult in the beginning but when planned well, it gives room for you to explore your creativity. Side hustles vary from one person to the other. They may include, sewing, blogging, social media marketing, event planning, acting, baking, painting, and many more. Choose the right side hustle that fits into your extra time, the one which will feel more like a hobby than real work.

Document your journey

The reason for documenting every stage of your life is to serve you the best memories when times are hard. This new month, do your best to save photos, blogs, or journals, that will remind you of the little wins and good times in your life.

Read a new self-help book

Books are the best ways to escape reality and learn more about what other great people make of life. Self help books especially, are good for self development. They help you to learn skills and knowledge that someone else has acquired over years of hardwork and experiences that you may not have gone through yourself. Pick and choose a self help book to read this month.

Stop unnecessary spending

There is no way I can overemphasize planning ahead. Plan everything including your personal finance. Find time to budget everything in order to avoid unnecessary spending. Make more deliberate efforts to check your expenditure in order to have enough money in your savings account. The more you focus on saving rather than spending, the more for your finances increase.

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