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5 Things That Will Improve Your Mood Always

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5 Things That Will Improve Your Mood Always

Be positive no matter what happens. The sun will rise everyday and the moon and stars will always give light at night. —Anonymous

What can you do today to be a little kinder and be nicer to yourself? Sharing our experiences brings us closer as a people. Being able to share our experiences allows us to be heard, and this often manifests itself in our own cultural expression. And so here is my share of things you can do to improve your everyday mood. I’m not sure if these will help but I hope it could boost your mood and help you to overcome nervousness and anxiety.

Speaking to someone you love

Several studies have found that speaking to loved ones has the potential to actually decrease depression and its related issues. We asked our amazing followers for the best piece of mental health advice they’ve ever received – and the responses were fantastic. Among such responses was the act of speaking to someone you love. Sharing deep conversations with friends and loved ones releases happiness hormones that help improve one’s mood.

A walk in fresh air

Know that you are just human and be kind to yourself everyday. By just doing the best we can, and finding connection with nature, we can improve our mood from sad to happy in a split seconds. A walk through parks and gardens is known to improve health and well being while releasing hormones which are responsible for positivity and happiness.

Remembering happy memories

If you can’t fix it now, don’t bother thinking about it. Someone once told me if you find your thoughts spiralling negatively out of control, put on your favourite song and sing along to it. Simply, just think happy thoughts and relive happy moments in order to switch moods quickly from grief to happiness.

Drinking water

By now you know that our bodies are made up of 70 per cent water. Dehydration can make your mood dull and bring your energies low. Drinking the right amount of water, preferably, 8 glasses a day, can help improve your mood totally. Researchers have proven that drinking a lot of water can make you age younger and happier.

Taking in big deep breaths

The smell of freshly cut grass… The first sip of coffee or tea in the morning… When we hear our favourite song… These are all small things that brings an individual joy. However, the bigger thing that improves mood is our breathe control. Learning to take deep breaths when under pressure is a skill which when mastered, can reduce your stress levels and improve mental wellbeing.

Bonus tip: Helping others has proven to boost one’s happiness. Studies have shown that the body keeps producing the mood-enhancing hormones, even at older ages, by helping others and feeling good about yourself.

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