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5 Basic Soft Skills Every Young Graduate Must Have

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So you just graduated from college and wondering what to do next? Well, you’ve got to ask yourself if you have some form of skills which you can translate in the professional world for income. These skills are mostly in high demand and tells recruiters your readiness towards whatever task given to you. So which skills are we discussing? Here are five basic soft skills that you will need as a graduate to stay relevant in the current business world.

Business writing/presentation

Writing business proposals and presenting them should not be a problem for a young graduate. When last did you do a presentation of any form? I bet you’d say you did one back at school. How can you then transfer such skills into the business world? By thinking of ways to do these activities confidently, you are setting yourself up for success in the business terrain.


Everything that goes on in the professional space is built on data and research findings. Being abreast with information and putting them together to make a meaningful document is something that every young graduate must be a master in. Research skills are valuable for data collection and information gathering. If you must stay afloat in whatever career of your choice, you must learn to be a researcher.


If you have read any self help books especially, the book titled, ‘How to win to friends and influence people’, you will know the value of trusted connections. Making new friends and keeping contact with people is a way to build professional networks. Most people who are not sociable find it hard to get people to support them when the need arises. That is why building great networks is important because it give you the luxury of accessing of these people for future events and business engagements.

Microsoft office

As a young graduate, your command over the Microsoft office is very important. Knowing how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, are added advantage to whichever course you take in your career journey. This is because these are requisite skills every company expects from its candidates and having them puts you way ahead of your league.

Interpersonal skills

A dedicated person in whichever jurisdiction knows the importance of interpersonal and communication skills. Knowing how to relate well with people from all walks of life makes you approachable and everyone likes to be with open people. Mastering your interpersonal skills begins with you saying hello to strangers and putting on a smile at all times. Most people ignore this, however people who are more relatable get in the door quicker than those who are not. Find ways to build your communication with people so that you do not come of as a snub or someone who will not like to be bothered about life and the people in it.

These basic skills should help you navigate through the beginning stages of your career path as a young graduate. And if you lack any of the above, learning and picking up such skills are achievable.

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