Signs He’s Taking the Relationship Serious

Relationship expert and pastor at Time of Celebration Ministries Church, Jerry Flowers Jnr has revealed some secrets about dating a man who is serious about you and they are so indepth. As a successful Youtuber and a married man of over five years, the counsellor shared on these relationship tips with single women. Keep reading this article to find out more.


To start with, when a man is serious with you, he has a vision to take you to the altar. He is constantly making sure that the relationship is progressing and going somewhere. He is crystal clear on where he is taking you. Most serious men are clear on what they want from the woman they are dating or courting.


He not only provides you with clarity on where the relationship is going, he takes away all doubt and confusion from your mind. You don’t have to second guess your place in his life. When a man is serious about you, he doesn’t answer, ”I don’t know”, to your genuine questions about the relationship. He defines your exact role in his life and pursues happiness for both of you.


A man who wants you is consistent with his feelings for you. They don’t blow hot and cold in the relationship. Most relationships end because the guy stops pursuing the woman. When he is not serious about you, he either leaves the burden to grow the relationship on you or ceases to be there for you entirely . Ladies, you don’t have to chase your king. A man will always make time for what he values.

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