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2021: New Year Message

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2021: New Year Message

Our rewards in life will always be in exact proportion to our contribution, our service.
-Earl Nightingale

All too soon a new year is upon us. Many things occurred during the last 12 months of the previous year. Thankfully, we made it through successfully. This new year presents all of us with a time for retreat, reflection, and self introspection. Today I am asking my cherished readers this deep and yet simple question, “If you had just six months to live what are you going to do differently?”

Little steps

You need not try to draw out the most ambitious goals. You can deal small to earn big.

The coming year is not going to be any easier or better than the previous ones. It can only get better with a positive mindset and a drive to win at all cost. You only need to find inspiration from the right sources to keep going.


The coronavirus pandemic never made last year fruitful as most of us planned.

This year, living standards may be no different around the global. You should mainly focus on your goals, passion and loved ones if you must thrive. Survival is a sure thing, however plan on enjoying every second of the journey.

Learn and earn

Every point of the year will demand a new you. Do well to study your path in order to know what to take out or even that which you must let into your space.

In all, make sure you’re kind. Be kind to yourself, to family, and then to strangers. Little sacrifices produce great results, never forget that. In essence, we should all learn to be kind in order to make the world a better place.

Happy new year!

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