Twene Jonas, the US-based Ghanaian Who Says It As It Is

Starting out as a movie producer before travelling, US-based Ghanaian, Twene Jonas has become the newest social media sensation. He is popularly known for criticising the Ghana government and celebrities.

Many have called him out saying he is too obsessed over the US system, which is over a century older than Ghana.

Twene Jonas on a production

However, his fans like him for pointing out the ills in society which most people are unable to comment publicly on. For the ”24/7 System, the system is working” man, Twene Jonas doesn’t seem bothered about the insults from his opponents.

He has gone ahead to touch on sensitive issues in Ghana such as sanitation, transportation, unemployment, housing, leadership, among others. His major problem seems to be that in the US, the system works effectively while in Ghana, nothing seems to be working although there are enough resources in the country.

Twene Jonas in music video of his 24/7 track

We wish him well in all his endeavours especially as he has released a new music titled ”24/7” featuring US artiste, SayDaDon.

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