Health and Fitness: Beginner’s Tips To Running Effectively

If you have been running more recently due to the Covid-19 lockdowns, just make sure you follow some simple training principles to allow your body time to recover and rebuild. Here are few tips from experts on how to run effectively for a healthy lifestyle.

Take At Least Two Rest Days Per Week

A beginner should start with a running schedule and be sure to include days of rest. If you’re just starting out, start with a low intensity and volume route, then progress as your body becomes stronger and ready to ramp it up.

Let Your Body Recover Properly

You need to be strong to be running and not running to get stronger. I always recommend at least two days of strength training and mobility work for beginners. The strength training should involve frontal and transverse plane motions.

Eat an hour earlier

If working on your own, keep a diary of your runs with more details than just your distance and splits. Record what, how much, and when you ate, the type of run you did, the conditions that day, the time you ran and how you felt before, during and after your run.

Try getting a coach

You aren’t working out with a coach? I suggest you try doing so, regardless of whether you’re a new or experienced runner, to instill optimal habits that will not only perfect your form, but also maximize your results.


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