Yvonne Nelson Sends Out An Important Message To The Youth As She Celebrates Her Birthday

Talented movie producer and actress, Yvonne Nelson, has announced that she is proud to have gifted herself a Master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from GIMPA. She shared this with her followers as today marks her 35th birthday.

According to the social activist and ‘Dumsor Must Stop’ campaigner, it is important for the youth to add value to themselves and to stop at nothing when it comes to pursuing bigger goals in life. In a short video she recorded, the superstar commented on the fact that money is not everything in life and is definitely not the end goal when pursuing success.

“I went back to school because I wanted to add value to myself, equip myself and gain knowledge about politics, world governance, super powers, and to educate myself…” the famous actress has revealed.

•Message from a fan on LinkedIn

She further emphasized on the need for girl child education, adding her voice to the many who keep championing the cause of inclusiveness and gender equality, in a fast evolving era that embraces the involvement of females in all aspects of development.

Many fans and loved ones have shared congratulatory and heartfelt messages with the award winning actress as they wished her the best in life. We also send our warmest regard to Yvonne Nelson as she chalks this wonderful milestone.

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