Why Kenya’s Elsa Majimbo Deserves The E! People’s Choice African Social Star Award

Yesterday, the rib cracking young Kenyan comic announced her big win at E! People’s Choice Award as the African Social Star winner of the year 2020. This news came after she was voted the favorite among six others in that category, in which Ghana’s Lydia Forson is a part of. For the entertainment lovers, we know that E! offers the best entertainment feed and up-to-date social buzz. And so getting nominated for such an award is indeed a big deal.

The Strathmore University communication student broke the internet this year when she took to entertaining her social media followers during and after the lockdown period. Elsa’s incredible comic skits always involves her crunching on some crackers and adjusting her dark shade glasses.

Her fame took over social media as her fan base grew. Elsa shared incredible jokes which were mostly about quarantine, punctuality, relationships, and other social related matters.

Other nominees in her category

One cannot overlook her comic skits without having a good laugh. She uses issues about everyday life to make up her jokes which are very relatable to all especially, millennials and social media enthusiasts. To say the young lady is super talented is definitely an understatement.

This year alone, she has entertained many across the globe with her incredible talent since she happens to be the newest talent discovery and the most talked about lately. The young entertainer has recently been featured on international platforms like CNN, New York Times, Vogue magazine. Meanwhile, she has bagged a beauty ambassadorial role with one of the biggest fashion houses named Fenty.

The Instagram star is indeed a proof that talent yields great results when done the right way through the right media. We are super proud of her. Other nominees for the award category include, Zozi Tunzi, Wian, Thuso Mbedu, Dimma Umeh, Lydia Forson and Karl Kugelmann.

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