National Farmers’ Day: Ayekoo to Our Gallant Farmers

This year’s national event is being held on the theme: “Agribusiness Development under Covid 19 – Opportunities and Challenges”. We are grateful to our farmers and fisherfolk for the many sacrifices they have made so far in their quest to feed mother Ghana and to afford a livelihood for themselves.

The event being held to commemorate the this year’s National Farmers’ Day is ongoing in Techiman and has seen many stakeholders, farmers and fisherfolk coming together to celebrate the occasion.

This year’s celebration came off in November because of the upcoming December elections. For this reason, most people have been caught unawares on the celebrations. However, many have celebrated and shared goodwill messages with farmers across the nation.

Our farmers and fishermen have done so much for the Ghanaian economy and it is only right that on such a day as this, they are showered with all the accolades that they deserve. This year has not been an easy one but these folks have kept their zeal and have fed our nation without breaking a sweat.

Farmers at the National Farmers’ day exhibition

I know a few young farmers and how much work goes into their occupation. I must confess that they really have a lot of bravery to take on such an arduous task as farming. The fishermen are even more courageous because they toil day and night to put food on the tables of every household. I commend their hardwork on this day.

To date, farmers remain some of the most useful human resource of every nation. It is only fair that governments and all stakeholders put in efforts to create the best incentives and tools for this group of people.

May our farmers keep working hard amid every economic challenges that the pandemic may pose. We hope that their efforts will keep promoting economic growth and development for our country and for other nations across the globe. Ayekoo, gallant farmers and fisherfolk!

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